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We Are Guaranteed to Make Your Birthday Party A Red-Letter Day 

Most days in a yearly calendar are regular ones yet few ones out of them are highly special and noticeable one of them is doubtlessly a birthday! A birthday is a special day where we get the opportunity to express the joy of our birth. It is a very special time of a year which must be celebrated with great pomp and show. We at Birthday World, the specialty birthday Party organiser in Kolkata cater to all your needs with unlimited hilarity, fun, and energy with the return gifts. However, No matter whether it’s a kids’ or an adult’s birthday, it is great to be together and enjoy the celebration to the fullest. And we, the thriving birthday party organiser in Kolkata, play a stellar role in making your birthday a stunning event.

We specialize in offering a singular party theme, world-class decoration ideas for all types of age groups, scrumptious food with energizing drinks and more. We have a variety of wonderful birthday themes, with second-to-none and trendiest decorative ideas. You can also customize your birthday event, as our specialty. We are the leading birthday party organiser, so you need not need to worry at all for anything. To embolden the appreciation of the guests who attend the party, we follow the idea of return gifts which are doled out to every one of them. You can ask us for including corporate gifts, promotional gifts, birthday gifts, etc. to be chosen as per your needs and preferences. In the end, a party with fun and entertainment filled activities give plenty of relaxation from their run of the mill life.

Birthday party organiser
Birthday party organiser

Live Entertainment

For kid’s birthday parties, definitely you would be craving for visual presentation of your birthday that is easy to understand, and, without a doubt, all the way funny. You will perhaps not entertain and appreciate anyone who cracks moth-eaten “jokes” that do not bring any smile on the lips of children readily. Children are generally keen on situational comedy, where crazy stuff comes about and everyone revels in the fun. To inject fun and merriment to your party, we the most cherished birthday party organiser in Kolkata will arrange:

  • A Magic Show which would be so uniquely fun, wonderful, and comical too!!!
  • A Puppet Show where you will enjoy observing small figures coming alive and talking!!!
  • In addition, Your favorite Symbolic figure, for example, Superman, Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, etc.

Return gifts

A return gift is a cardinal part of any birthday party. The return gifts are doled out to every little guest to appreciate him/her for attending the party. Return gifts encourage little children in general and are the highly expected moment of the party. We at Birthday World, the overriding birthday party organiser in Kolkata, believe that return gifts should not only be fun but also it should be enlightening and eco-friendly. In fact, We highly recommend the trend of return gifts for different age groups irrespective of your budget range. Therefore, you can choose from well-decorated pencils, storybooks to activity toys and battery-operated toys.

To be only one of its kind in your gifts selection, you may choose:

  • Environment-friendly timber toys
  • Pots with natural plants
  • Encyclopedias
  • Home-produced chocolates
  • Theme-based goodies


Birthday of your child is a festivity carrying great weight; it comes about solely once a year. So food items and drinks must be managed fully professionally, with sincere understanding, and utmost care. However, you can leave the hassle of cooking on our caterers, all you need to do is to feel relaxed, sit back and have fun in the celebration. At Birthday World, the key birthday party organiser in Kolkata, we can offer a range of options for your child’s birthday party.

Some special catering items that are loved by children:

  • Smileys
  • Doughnuts
  • Cup corns
  • Popcorn machine
  • Chocolate Fountain

Fun Activities

A birthday party with no activities involved can be very unexciting. We, the number one birthday party organiser in Kolkata, smooth the progress of synergistic stage games to get all your guests rolling! We offer very engaging games for children to make a special event get going. Basically, Not only will participants on stage be having a delight in the fun. Hence, the viewers too have a wonderful time watching it!

The Games and Activities will include:

  • Games Coordinator
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Disc Jockeys
  • Caricaturist
  • Face painting
  • Bouncy and Slides

At Birthday World, the well-renowned birthday party organiser in Kolkata, we are a team of seasoned, prolific, and dynamic event planners. However, Who has marked the record of making an event a great success. In addition, We have been in the industry for more than ten years. Besides, we are sure to take care of our guests exceptionally well. Therefore, We make these events unforgettable for our esteemed clients. Moreover, Right from the start to the finish of the party, we keep a tab on every infinitesimal detail. This way, you need not fret over anything; just revel in your party with your special ones. In fact, We deal with all the obstacles involved in event planning.

Moreover, Keeping a tab on timing with remarkable coordination. And planning helps us to deliver the best results and exceed your expectations. Besides, Tailor-made themes, thematic event cake, entertainment, balloon decoration, return gifts, scrumptious foods, etc., are sure to please every person without any problem. Also, to capture your prized emotions, we, the dedicated birthday party organiser in Kolkata, have seasoned photographers.

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We the premier Birthday Party Organiser in Kolkata also offers the most down-to-earth party ideas using the best creativity to make it a surefire success. In fact, We have a variety of packages that fit your pocket. However, We are aware of your needs and will give you the best quotes for all types of events. So now you have read the advantages of hiring us at Birthday Word, the leading birthday party organiser in Kolkata! Be sure to get in touch with us. At or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. And make your child’s birthday more than a special day.

Birthday Organiser

Get the best support and service from us at a very affordable rate– Birthday Organiser

At Birthday World, the top Birthday Organiser in Kolkata, are committed to offering you relevant and appropriate type of service and support depending on your preferences and demand. Being the event planner mavens for more than ten years, we have a very good understanding of how difficult it is to bring happiness to the lips of kids. In the meantime, we know how difficult it is to make an event a full success. Considering the same, as the experienced birthday organiser Kolkata, we play a seminal role as professionals in coordinating the birthday party of a child. With a view to removing soreness from the child’s mind completely, we use analytical and inventive skills to meet the needs and goals of every client.

You need not go anywhere else—all you need to do is consult our customer-friendly birthday organiser professionals in Kolkata. We will make your event a gigantic fun and memorable experience for a lifetime. At Birthday World, we consistently use groundbreaking methods and technologies to give a wonderful and the desired effect to a party’s eve. Although there would be all the basic few things in your mind regarding how to organise a birthday party, yet we will help you completely from start to finish of the party. Also, we use second-to-none material to make your birthday event more arresting and catering to the demand of all professionals without making any mistakes.

Birthday Organiser
Birthday Organiser

Different birthday instances we can help you– Birthday Organiser

When it is a child’s birthday, particularly moms are concerned with a lot of things like fun activities, cleanliness, budget, seating, decoration, music, etc. It becomes a mess in their minds and ends up arranging something at the last moment. Book a party hall or organize a party at home… Confused!!! Here are a handful of key things we at Birthday World, the well-famed birthday organiser in Kolkata, will help you to deal with them all most favorably


The biggest myth that arranging a house party will cost less than booking a party hall has always been there. If you want a party which costs less, then we at Birthday Organiser Kolkata always suggest you opt for a party hall or a restaurant or a fast-food joint. The reason is very simple. Moreover, The arrangements at their place are according to attending guests whereas the complete arrangements have to be made from scratch at home. Almost everything has to be arranged like chairs and tables, buffet area, decoration, dustbins, carpets, waiters, cooks, crockery, lights, music, napkins, cleaners and a lot more…Fret not at all! We, the distinguished Birthday Organiser, will deal with all these chores for you efficiently and successfully.

Seating arrangement

It does not matter how big/ small your house is…there cannot be sufficient seating space for more than 20 people; it’s a house after all. So if you are planning to throw a party for 60-100 persons, additional chairs and tables with covers have to be arranged. Then comes the issue with flooring, tables which are ordered from a tent-wala are not good enough for marble or tiled floor. So, a carpet is a must to avoid scratches and dents. Do not worry, we will be responsible for all the same.


Home-cooked snacks and food is a delight for a party. You can prepare some healthy snacks for kids and their favorite food which they will surely love. If there is a lot to cook on your own, then we the predominant birthday organiser Kolkata will arrange a cook. But not just only cooks are required but the whole list of things from a grocery store will also need to be purchased on your own along. These include veggies, milk, curd, juices, napkins, paper glasses, and whatnot. And that’s not all…The buffet table area has to be identified where guests can help themselves but ensure that the buffet area is covered from the top. Again, we will come into play for you in this regard.


Simple balloon decoration with an entrance arch is enough for a house party unless you are having and outdoor lawn décor. If you are spending a big amount on theme décor then we at Birthday World. The well-established birthday organiser Kolkata will book a party hall else you are going to waste your money. Theme décor is not only about your child’s favorite character or style that you are looking for. Besides, it should also create the ambiance of the theme. It is most unlikely that the theme you choose and the curtains you have match your sofa or the chandelier. However, To cover up all this to an extent is possible but then taping and nailing will damage a lot of things.

Our personal preferences

We at Birthday World, the leading birthday organiser Kolkata, guess that the confusion is still not over. In any case, our personal preference is to coordinate the birthday in a Party hall than a House party. This is because arranging a house party can be the most tiring and cleaning it up post-party can be even more frustrating. So, it is wise to book a hall and pay that extra amount to a local organizer than spending it on a house party which can give you a headache.


Under the brand Birthday World, the up-and-coming Birthday Organiser in Kolkata, we are at the cutting edge of giving support to our dear clients in making the big day an unforgettable event. We are a team of conscientious people who are committed to making the entire event positive for every person. We are a celebrated Birthday organiser in Kolkata, where you can readily get and enjoy our services. Our services are readily reasonably priced for all.

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In this day and age where several options are taken into consideration for making a party cheerful for a lifetime. We will arrange all the things with perfection and timeliness. However. Our client’s satisfaction matters to us a lot. Besides, we are feeling thankful to serve them on their big day. In addition, Be sure to get in touch with us at or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. Make your child’s birthday more than a special day.

Birthday Party Organizer

We can help arrange an adult birthday party better than you guess!

Birthday is basically a celebration for children, as on this event they get a very good and outstanding opportunity to enjoy them with a truckload of fun and enjoyment. Birthday party Organizer, in the meantime, is also a sought-after day for the adults, as this occasion enables them to have a great get-together with their near and dears ones. On this special celebration, you can dress up to the best and feel thrilled at the prospect of the freedom you get. A variety of scrumptious dishes and drinks Birthday decoration. are often served at small birthday parties, a fun program is organized and relaxed relaxation.

It is nice to calm down during a birthday party and the busy moments. Today’s birthday parties are full of delicacies, fun programs, gorgeous decorations and memorable moments. A birthday party has gained a legendary reputation, and even after a long time after the celebrations its freshness is still all the same. At Birthday World, the leading birthday party organizer Kolkata is at the leading edge of organizing parties in the best, most affordable and available form. We are ready to help you in organizing and carrying out the event in the most favorable fashion. We, the most reliable birthday party organizer Kolkata, gathered tips to help you organize the most memorable birthday parties of the year!

An important part of every party

Fun programs an important part of every party, and birthday parties are no exception. However, in the atmosphere it is all the way fun and enjoyable, it is good to remember that everyone will only participate if they want. When everyone has a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Without any pressure from any side, everyone can enjoy the party to the fullest. We, at Birthday World, a key birthday party organizer Kolkata, will schedule the program perfectly so that it will only start when the guests have a moment to settle down. In this way, guests will feel more relaxed and have had time to get to know each other while having a great get together. We, the dependable birthday party organizer Kolkata, ensure to keep the program numbers short and allow guests to relax between them.


We, at Birthday World, the most prized birthday party organizer Kolkata, pay attention to the decoration of the party room. And even with a little effort, we can organize a good birthday party. Birthday banners, which read the name and age of your birthday hero/heroine, or good luck, are great for your birthday. There is also a variety of light products, light screens and disco balls available to give you a spectacular look. If you plan to organize your party at home, we ensure that the lighting is the easiest way to make use of existing lighting. When you change the classical disco ball into luminaries, a heat-reflecting lamp, or a UV light, space becomes pertinent to a real billiard.


If inviting your chums and other near and dear ones seems a burden to you, then we can help do the same most helpfully. We, the legendary birthday party organizer Kolkata, will also add to the party room and add a touch of flair. Moreover, Now think of a staggering program that will be remembered for a long time! Bring your future year bravely because you are never too old for a good party!

Birthday Party Organizer
Birthday party Organizer

Birthday Menu

Organizing small birthday parties is largely dependent on the nature and theme of the celebrations. Many want to have something to eat for their celebrations; rather than traditional birthday dishes. After all, these eatables can be eaten a lot when your birthday is approaching. An increasingly popular alternative to the birthday menu is to think about something surprising and different about dining, with just a hint of the gala day event.

If you organize birthday parties for a larger group, we the celebrated birthday party organizer Kolkata, think that the buffet dinner is a good alternative to serving. However, the buffet is usually the easiest way to order from the catering service if the purpose is to feed a larger number of people. However, if you want to prepare your own dinner, be sure to plan and schedule your cooking well. so that the festivities do not spoil you because of cooking stress. One option for Birthday party serving is the dumplings. Besides, it is appropriate to pre-order what each brings so that there is not just a bunch of gingerbread and mulled wine.

In addition to the buffet

In addition to the buffet, a popular meal is a cocktail meal. Tasty cocktail pieces are nowadays rich and easy to make. You can include a few special delicacies in the birthday parties, for example, cheese, fries, gravies, Biryani with chicken etc.. In cocktail-type dining, the goal is to have all the dishes eaten with your fingers or sticks, without the need for cutlery or tableware. This type of dining is perfect for a company’s birthday party, in general.

Cheesecake is always a sure choice for a dessert table. It is made by using gingerbread on the bottom and filling with mulled or Christmas spices. Cupcakes have also made their way to India in recent years. The trendy alternative to the Birthday party is, for example, birthday cupcakes, which are the scrumptious treats at the birthday Menu.

Other services we offer

Apart from the catering, invitation services, we, the well-famed birthday party organizer Kolkata. Also excel in services such as decoration, return gifts and artist management. Considering the same, we take pride in having the most useful human resource management plan in the industry. What is more, our main aim is to keep the guests amused on the occasion and we enjoy our work every inch.

Hire us now

Birthday World, the up-and-coming birthday party organizer Kolkata. Has been in the running and at the topmost ranking for over a decade. As a result, of its prompt response team and the dyed-in-the-wool relationship manager. However, the manager helps the customers most favorably in choosing the utilitarian plan after first understanding the financial requirements. Hire us at Birthday World, a legendary birthday party organizer Kolkata, by touching base with us at or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921.

Birthday Party Decorator

Birthday World—Let us organize and decorate your birthday party this year

At Birthday World, we are esteemed as the leading birthday party decorator and planner in Kolkata. We possess the complete expertise and rich experience of more than 10 years in the industry, This directs to the fact that we undertake the job of making your kids birthday party filled with a truckload of fun very sincerely!  Yes, it is beyond doubt that the birthday parties we arrange, plan and decorate are furnished with antics, humor, fun, and, thrill. However, every decoration that we embark on is largely based on customers’ needs and preferences to make sure that the birthday party is an unsullied success. We are a team of proficient and experienced professionals and you can unreservedly and unfalteringly call on our contact details mentioned on our website. 

However, We are simply as sincere as you are to revel in the parties without costing you a fortune!  We can help you with planning and decorating your birthday parties in the following stepwise ways:

Plan the budget

First all of all, we, the leading birthday party decorator in Kolkata, will like to ensure from the amount of budget your child spends in a month. As you let us know the ballpark figure, we can share it mutually between the operating cost of decorations, foods and activities, including the place whether the party is not at home.

Pick out a preferred child’s birthday party theme

While a theme is not essentially required in a birthday party, We, the well-renowned birthday party decorator in Kolkata, are of the view that it aids you and your guests in picking out what to wear and set an ambiance for a kid’s birthday party.

Birthday Party Decorator
Birthday Party Decorator

Invite guests

Once you have confirmed the date and time of the party, your teenager must get invitations ready. We the dedicated birthday party decorator in Kolkata ensures you to make a list of all those invited completely with phone numbers and columns. This will help in ensuring whether they are present or not. We encourage you to send out the invitations at least two weeks before the party, but four weeks is best.

Decide on a menu

Will your party include a meal, like pizza or just finger food? Anyway, there are so many fun party recipes that we, the smartest birthday party decorator in Kolkata, can help you choose. Based on your preferences, we will arrange the food items from the best caterers in our association that you can prepare before the party, so you can free up time to decorate and get ready.

Decisions on teenage birthday party activities, games and decorations

Having games and activities that teenagers can do when everyone finds time during the party works best. Things like login boards and games like ‘pass the parcel’, ‘Treasure Hunt’, ‘Music N chair’, etc. are for those who want to have great fun. Decorations should go with the theme if you have one.

Get the best party decorations at the lowest rates with us

Parties these days are demanding tremendous preparations and expenses. Ranging from creating the guest list, to food items, to party decorations and more-the list seems endless. The fact is not unheard by us as to how terribly people want to turn their parties into a bash and in the meantime dread the budget. That is why, at the crossroads, we, the well-renowned birthday party decorator in Kolkata has introduced a broad variety of party items at the lowest costs available!

A party lacking Fancy Decoration is no party indeed

Parties are basically thrown with a view to delivering great entertainment and fun! So, we, the best birthday party decorator in Kolkata are geared up to add tremendous glamour and excitement to your party with a variety of arresting décor items. Starting from foil balloons, paper lanterns and dangling banners, we have a mind-boggling compilation of all-inclusive party decors you desire to add to your party!

We organize and decorate birthday parties for both kids and adults; age is simply no bar with us. This specialty helps us stand out from our clients and make us a magnet for them.

We are an ace in venue decoration

At Birthday World, the finest birthday party decorator in Kolkata has achieved an indelible reputation for offering incomparable stage decoration services in and near Kolkata. For us, every client is essential and valuable and therefore we always deport them with thorough hospitality. We know that different customers have different needs and preferences. With this in mind, we offer tailor-made services to our individual clients and earn their trust and confidence. We are dedicated to delivering such service in a short and limited time frame. In fact, Our charges are also very minimal so that a maximum number of clients can make the most of this service.

Final Words

At Birthday World, the premier birthday party decorator in Kolkata, we carry a vast range of birthday decorative items to make this gala day out of this world. We are confident to make your birthday fun and exciting day like never before. Therefore, We know that it is a day that comes once in a year and realizing its significance. Besides, We are enriched with innovative decorating ideas. Above all, The ideas we feel confident will contribute to making this day out of this world. The birthday parties we at Birthday World, the high-flying birthday party decorator in Kolkata,plan and decorate are known to be loveliest and the most enjoyable ones.

Hire us now!

If you are looking to make the most of our birthday planning services and balloon decorating services in Kolkata, we urge you to get in touch with us on our website Birthday World, the foremost birthday planning and balloon decorators in Faridabad. In fact, You can also pay a visit to our office in relation to the services we offer. Do not fret over the rates, as we charge the most levelheaded and reasonable price for the service we offer. However, We wish you all the best for a very happy and fun partying!

Birthday Decorator

With excellence in decoration, we can make your gala day more than special!

With so many brilliant decorators and expert theme setters around, it is no more difficult to enjoy your day, the way you have always desired for. Taking the help of the Birthday Decorator in Kolkata means that you have hired the renowned experts to make arrangements for your special day.

How we are the right choice for you?

Birthday has always been a very special occasion in the life of a person. Rather, we can say that we start learning about the celebration and hosting a party with our birthdays only, right? This is why most of us start planning and dreaming about our birthday party very well several days or weeks ago. Besides, To help you put in all your best of ideas in your celebrations without any efforts. Therefore, The professional birthday decorator Kolkata is available at your disposal.

Our services are undoubtedly the right choice to make the occasion a truly memorable one. Believe us, we are old hands who know very well how to organize and execute any event with perfection.

Kolkata is one such destination from where you can hire an ultimate talent to guide you for your occasion. We are among the best Birthday decorator in Kolkata who aim at serving their clients with exceptional decoration ideas.

Our specialty services as birthday decorators

There is no one or two, but many reasons as if why you should hire our birthday planning and decoration service to make arrangements for your special day. We, the professional birthday decorator Kolkata can even do everything for you. And, believe us, to make any occasion a special one, there are many things that have to be worked upon, from deciding the venue to its decoration, bartending to theme setting, food to clean up, everything has to be planned and organized and do you think that the work pressures that we have today leave us with enough time to organize a party? No. This makes one big reason why more people are nowadays planning their events with the experts and handing over them various aspects of their birthday parties.

Whether it is the question of food, music, decoration or anything, it is the birthday catering services that come to rescue.

We can arrange your child’s favorite cartoon character as a walking inflatable

Children like colors very much and it is easy to turn around the ambiance by including their favorite cartoon characters in the bash. Whatever choice your child has regarding the favorite cartoon character, we will cater to the need very well. For example, he/she wants to ensure the presence of Mickey Mouse, Tom &  Jerry, Donald Duck, Chhota Bheem, etc. We at Birthday World, the foremost Birthday Decorator in Kolkata, will arrange for them in the form of walking inflatables.

We will help you to choose the right birthday supplies

As a cardinal part of a kid’s birthday party decoration, choosing the right birthday party supplies stands to reason. At Birthday World, your most reliable Birthday Decorator in Kolkata, we will help you in choosing party supplies that are in sync with your children’s needs and preferences.

However, Decoration plays a crucial role in a kid’s birthday party. Decorative Kids Birthday party supplies. Besides, this includes things like kids caps, eye mask, birthday banners, thematic cakes, games, fun zone, return gifts and ideas. And we, the well-renowned birthday decorator in Kolkata, will help you ensure that each of these accessories will match with the selected theme of the party.

Birthday Decorator
Birthday Decorator

We can help your child in creating invitation cards

Before we, at Birthday World, the well-esteemed Birthday Decorator in Kolkata, take the first step to organize and decorate the party. Besides, we ask you, our clients, to create a list of the guests who will ensure their presence at the party. To make the birthday party an unforgettable event, we recommend you and your child to create and design invitation cards together using construction paper, scissors, adhesive and an add-on that you want to add. In fact, This will bring you closer to your child and his/her inventiveness.

Our excellence in catering service arrangements

While decoration plays a pivotal role in making the event appear fun-filled. In addition, dynamic yet it will still be lacking if there is no scrumptious food. Simonteneusly, After your guests who have come far and near, would be expecting you to provide them with some delectable eatables. At the crossroads, through our associated high-quality catering service, we will render your guests with high-quality food and snack of guest’s tastes. These will include delectable sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, fruit kabobs, and, of course, cakes.

However, be careful, when you choose your catering service provider. A wrong selection can end up your event in a big mess. This is why we ask you to hire us at Birthday World, the most experienced as well and well-known birthday decorators Kolkata. We have simply the best catering service all through Kolkata that you will remember for a long time. No matter whether it is the birthday of a boy/girl or an adult. However, our catering experts are renowned for their superb performance and excellence.

We can make your birthday party shopping a hassle-free experience

If you check our website carefully, you will find that we have included distinct sections for different age groups. Besides, We have also included a singular portfolio of variegated themes, party supplies, and decorative items to choose them. This will certainly help us to organize a superior party that cannot be forgotten for several years to come.

Portfolios That Kids Will Love!

Even we, the experienced birthday decorator in Kolkata, view that organizing kids’ birthdays is the most difficult to do. The little hearts eagerly wait for this highly anticipated event of the year and they simply want to have great fun on this special Bday! Hence, for the little enthusiasts, we have every kind of decoration, party supplies and other things that can make this day out of this world for them!

Hire us now

Be sure to get in touch with us at Birthday World, the leading birthday decorator in Kolkata at or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. Rather, we will leave no stone unturned to make your child’s first birthday a unique success!

Birthday Organizer

Birthday Parties for Kids is Exceptional Fun

Organizing a kid’s birthday party very well and orderly is surely one of the best ways to express your unconditional love for him/hers. Kids, by long odds, very much like birthday parties; every year they wait impatiently for this big day to turn up. With this in mind, it is essential to give considerate attention to their needs and desires while you are organizing the event for him/her. In every child’s birthday, no matter what the age of the child is, the celebration should be grand and amazing. Rather, the celebration should be like the one that is hard to be forgotten by your little one for a long time to come. Therefore, Kids also enjoy celebrating their big day with their near and dear ones very much. However, it is an uphill task unless you take the help of professional a birthday organizer Kolkata.

It is a great idea to take the consultation of the professional groups which have already worked in organizing and executing these types of events for years. A professional birthday organizer Kolkata has the proficiency and they can manage very well all the things in an orderly form to make everything perfect in a smooth way.

Birthday Organizer
Birthday Organizer

We have the answer to organizing birthday bash for your child

Birthday World, the preeminent birthday organizer Kolkata, is the best option for those parents who are longing for making their kid’s birthday exceptionally best and unforgettable. We are dedicated to making arrangements for birthday parties for both children and adults. In fact, We have a big team with members performing their specific responsibilities very well. Seeing sparkles in the eyes of your child and his/her peers is a bona fide reward for us. We will walk the extra mile to make all the basic and additional arrangements to make the event very valuable for the invitees and hosts.

Before organizing a birthday party, we typically convene a meeting with the parents of the birthday boy/girl to become familiar with their personal opinions. This strategy helps us to come up with an unsullied plan. In the meantime, we also follow the latest trends of birthday and considering the demand and recommendations of our clients. Including a theme at your party will add extra fun and frolic. As party themes come in a variety of contexts, we, the recognized birthday organizer Kolkata can help you in choosing a perfect theme as well. We, the celebrated birthday organizer Kolkata, urge you to book your kid’s birthday party beforehand to avoid disappointment at the eleventh hours. If you do so, we will be able to book a birthday a perfect venue for you if your preference is to organize the event outdoors. 

We are the best choice for organizing your Baby’s first birthday party

The first birthday of a child is truly more than special for every parent. And there is no reason to skip even the infinitesimal detail about the event. Besides, We, the up-and-coming birthday organizer Kolkata, assure you of making the first birthday party of your baby an exceptional event. By the way, we believe in arranging your baby’s first birthday party supplies. A little earlier than the special day so you don’t have to do any last-minute running around. Want a baby boy’s first birthday shirts? If yes, we can get it ordered earlier and get the birthday baby ready for the actual birthday party.

Birthday Gifts

What would be a baby’s first birthday gift? We, the leading birthday organizer Kolkata, guess that fun books are really good ideas. We will bring bright, colorful books with games and maybe even stuffed animals to go with them.  Presenting him/her toys is another brilliant gift idea; the toys will capture your child’s imagination. Games that go zip and bop and make interesting noises might be just the ticket for your one-year-old baby. But don’t forget about the invitations in all the rush to get things done. Baby first birthday invitations can either be bought or made. However, Making them would save you some money, but you might not have the time to create and print them out. In fact, If you’re stuck, then fret not! We the preeminent birthday organizer Kolkata will come into handy for you.

Birthday Cake

How can we forget about the birthday cake? Baby’s first birthday cake is a big deal and it needs to be something that is easy to make, yet fun. In fact, The best cakes are the ones that are made in various interesting shapes. With fun faces drawn on them and it is our responsibility to bring the best one for him/her. Your child may only be only one-year-old but will love the cake nonetheless. Pictures of the cake are a good idea for when your child gets older. How about babies’ first birthday poem? Can you write one yourself? If not, don’t worry about it, we at Birthday World, the overriding birthday organizer Kolkata will find poems for him/her.

Gift Ideas for Your Birthday Girl

If you want to theme your birthday party and have a little girl. Then plan for a baby girl’s first birthday party using the colors pink and white. However, maybe use stuffed toys in different colors to provide some points of interest in her. Although, Your baby girl’s first birthday party can even have a pink and white cake in the shape of an angel or bunny. Now what to do for a gift idea? Baby first birthday gifts can be just about anything from a new outfit to a stroller. Let us, at Birthday World, the perfect birthday organizer Kolkata, use our imaginative imagination.

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Babies first birthday can bring a lot of laughter and is a very memorable day. If you are able to get a lot of the planning in advance with Birthday World, the well-famed birthday organizer Kolkata Company. After all, you do want to relax a bit. Spend some time visiting with your friends and their kids at the party. Get in touch with our reliable professionals to make birthday event the most awesome event ever.

Birthday Planner in Kolkata

Get an Exceptionally High-Quality Birthday Party Planner in Kolkata

On the fence how to organize and coordinate your birthday from scratch? Do not feel down in the dumps because at Birthday World, the well-known birthday planner in Kolkata, we are a great hand at planning and coordinating a birthday party end to end. We have the technical aspects and smartness to make the event appear as effective, unique, and fun as possible. That is simply because we, the well-famed birthday planner in Kolkata, carry over 10 years of rich experience in organizing and managing birthday events adroitly and safely. In this way, you and your guests will have the best experience of a birthday event. We strictly keep your each and every wish and needs into consideration and make it outstanding in every imaginable way.

In every way, we take each and every need and preferences of our dear client about the birthday bash consideration of everything that can orchestrate a breathtaking birthday party for you, your kids and peers. We, the well-famed birthday planner in Kolkata, play an active role in making the display of our virtuoso performance to earn the trust and confidence of the clients ready. We have a variety of imaginative thoughts that can contribute to making a staggering birthday event once and for all.

Birthday Program and Games

Someone might like to play foolish games and games for adult parties, but we, the well-famed birthday planner in Kolkata, take the liberty to disagree with them. Playing games is a great way to increase the spirit of communion, laugh, and entertainment. In birthday programs, on the other hand, it is good to elicit the personality of a celebrated hero/heroine and think about what kind of games might best hit the guest.

If your birthday program requires team games, you can make that part of the program a division of teams. Ask guests to choose a sticker or a drink decoration on arrival, but don’t let them know why. At the start of the program, teams can easily be formed based on the choices made by the guests: the same color of the same team and so on. This works as a good icebreaker, as guests do not seek out teams only with their own acquaintances, but also have to get to know new people.

One fun program number for adult parties is birthday bingo – only imagination is the limit to what you can come up with in bingo squares. At Birthday World, the well-famed birthday planner in Kolkata, out idea will be to arrange a human bingo to gather facts about the guests at the party. Guests can socialize and get to know each other while combining the facts of the bingo screen with people at the party.

Birthday Planner in Kolkata
Birthday Planner in Kolkata


Various photographic competitions work well for adults’ birthday parties. For example, you can give your guests a list of different picture tasks at the beginning of the evening. The person or team that carries out as many as possible during the evening will win fame and honor. In addition, you can give a bonus package, for example, to delight the end of the evening. Quizzes on the heroes are a guaranteed hit at parties as well as parties, but they are especially suitable for birthdays. We, the virtuoso birthday planner in Kolkata, can help you select a great hero/heroine for your event.

Choose a theme

Choosing a theme for children’s birthdays makes it easier to design decorations, programs, and offerings. The child is sure to be happy to choose the theme himself, or alternatively, you can start the tuning of the party by designing the theme together. For example, the favorite color, character or hobby of a hero of the day can be used as a theme. Besides, The theme can be brought up elegantly with colors, texts, and small details. For example, the Unicorn celebrations are made up of beautiful pastel-colored decorations and tableware, complemented by Unicorn foil balls and decorative ribbons. Take a look at themes that we at Birthday World, the virtuoso birthday planner in Kolkata, can include and put into being for your birthday event. Here are a few exceptional themes that we feel confident will work wonders in making your birthday a successful event all the way.

There are as many alternatives to partying as the organizers of the celebrations. Some want to do everything themselves, others buy as much as they can. Whatever your style, you will surely succeed in organizing memorable celebrations. For example, the Unicorn celebrations are made up of beautiful pastel-colored decorations and tableware, complemented by Unicorn foil balls and decorative ribbons. Take a look at themes that we at Birthday World, the virtuoso birthday planner in Kolkata, can include and put into being for your birthday event. Here are a few exceptional themes that we feel confident will work wonders in making your birthday a successful event all the way.

There are as many alternatives to partying as the organizers of the celebrations. Some want to do everything themselves, others buy as much as they can. Whatever your style, you will surely succeed in organizing memorable celebrations.

Decide the duration of the celebrations

It is good to decide the duration of the parties in advance. Generally, for a sufficient period of time, the child’s birthday parties take place for about 1.5 hours.

Send invitations to guests.

Where? When? How long does it take?

When registering, it is good to ask for possible allergies. In fact, The invitation should already highlight the possible theme of the celebration and the wish for dressing accordingly.

It is good to pick up the numbers of the parents of the invited children as well as give their own number that you can reach on both sides.

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We are confident that our organized Birthday Party for an adult or a kid will never be below the mark. Moreover, we have always made the best of our efforts in focusing on providing our customers with the best satisfaction by making their events as successful as possible. After all, we at Birthday World, a well-renowned birthday planner in Kolkata, have great expertise in catering to all the needs of our customers. Besides, We possess all hopeful and effective attributes that have enabled us to win the laurels of the best and leading birthday planner in Kolkata. In fact, Our professionals have a keen intellect to achieve all the needs and goals of our customers. Hire us at Birthday World, a legendary birthday planner in Kolkata, by touching base with us at or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921 to and make your event uniquely awesome!

Birthday Party Planner in Kolkata

Get your Birthday Planned by the Most Experienced Birthday Party Planner in Kolkata

We often imagine that a birthday party is just a children’s story and that adulthood is no longer worth celebrating the change of years. In many cases, adults organize birthday parties only to celebrate round years: thirties and fifties are particularly popular milestones. Besides, we are the best birthday party planner in Kolkata. However, it is always a good reason to celebrate! What better reason to put a party up than to remember the past year and turn a new page forward in life?

Adult birthdays do not differ very much from the children’s party in the end games – the elements are the same, but they are only arranged to suit the older taste. So remember to take a look at the best tips we offer at Birthday World, the leading birthday party planner in Kolkata, for organizing children’s parties and adults’ birthday parties. Moreover, We are not new to the milieu of planning events similar to birthdays, weddings, social and/or corporate events but in fact, we have been around for over a decade. We play a pivotal role in planning and coordinating birthday events for our little guests and both adults. Moreover, We are mostly singled out by a maximum number of people living in different parts of Kolkata. This is because our birthday planning services are of exceptionally high quality and worth remembering for a lifetime.

Birthday Menu Offers

Conventional birthdays often consist of good food, delicious drinks, and a comfortable stay. We the most cherished birthday party planner in Kolkata can help you enjoy traditional celebrations. We include a few little things to organize an unforgettable birthday party with a variety of exclusive delicacies. Whatever your choice is, we will present a menu and leave on you what delicacies you would like to order from our caterers. Finally, whatever your preferences about delicacies are, it is guaranteed that they all will suit everyone’s taste!

Birthday offers often depend largely on the nature, time, and the number of guests. In the case of casual nightclubs at home, serving as a snack, for example, with cheese slices. We the most cherished birthday party planner in Kolkata can arrange a bunch of delicious cheeses and a variety of savory biscuits, nuts, and fruit for an attractive setting on the serving table. Tapas are another good way to make a meal so that everyone can grab the food they want in the evening. If you want something modern and different for your party, we encourage you to choose trendy sushi as a very scrumptious dish.

If you are sure that money is not a point of concern for you, it is more feasible for us to organize a wonderful birthday dinner for you. For example, we the most cherished birthday party planner in Kolkata can offer a three-course dinner with drinks that suit your taste. For a larger group, buffet-style dining will be just the ticket. Good birthday buffets include, for example, pappus bean salad and oriental lollipop. On the whole, we make sure that you find the right food for everyone.

More addon’s on Menu

Birthdays are traditionally served as a cake for the birthday guy/gal. You can choose from a traditional cream cake, the most modern cheesecake or a fun ice cream cake. Cupcakes are now a popular way to completely replace a cake if you want to provide your guests with a little different dessert. Coffee-based dessert tricks, such as Irish coffee, are also great for churning a dessert and the ultimate birthday party planner in Kolkata will cater to the need for you.

Sometimes we want to start a birthday party in the morning, for example, with a smaller group or with one’s own family. In this case, a good way to celebrate is breakfast or brunch with friends and loved ones. The common breakfast is also great for partying the next morning when guests cram on their caves to eat and repeat the epic birthday parties of the previous evening.

Birthday Party planner Kolkata
Birthday Party planner Kolkata

Live Entertainment

When it comes to kids parties, doubtlessly you must be in need of entertainment that is visual, well-defined, and all the way funny. You may perhaps not appreciate someone who cracks the same old “jokes” the kids do not rejoin in. Children, by nature, tend to love situational humor, where fanatical things happen and everyone can rejoice in the fun. Moreover, To add extra pleasure and frolic to your birthday party, we at birthday party planner in Kolkata will arrange:

  • A Magic Show which would be so much fun, amazing and hilarious too!!!
  • A Puppet Show where puppets come alive and talk!!!
  • Your favorite Mascot (Clown, Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, etc.)

Return Gifts

A return gift is a cardinal aspect of every birthday party. The items are typically dished out in mutual to render thanks to the little guests for presenting them in the party. Henceforth, These special gifts utter the children with great enthusiasm and by long odds; it is the most cherished moment of the party. Return gifts, apart from being fun, but should also be informative or friendly to nature. Besides, We, the most treasured birthday party planner in Kolkata will recommend return gifts for all age groups irrespective of what your budget is. Rather, You may start with simple ones such as decorated pencils, story books to activity toys and battery operated toys.

To help you in making your gifts selection as different as possible, we recommend you to choose:

  • Eco-friendly timber toys
  • Pots with authentic plants which kids will be keen on to look after
  • Encyclopedias
  • Homemade chocolates
  • Theme-based delicacies

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We are ready to organize and execute your birthday event based on your requirements about a theme, type, and budget. So what is the wait for? Hire us at Birthday World, a legendary birthday party planner in Kolkata, by touching base with us at Also, call us at +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921 and make your event just an unforgettable one!

Birthday Party Planner

Birthday World- The Most Talented and Professional Birthday Party Planner in Kolkata

Very often, birthday parties turn up to be the costlier, especially when they have a merger of a variety of games, decorative items, cakes, etc. Therefore, it is always best to get your birthday party organized by professional party planners. In any case, if you somewhere in Kolkata and are planning to throw a party but are on the fence how to do that, then fret not. We at Birthday World, the well-thought-out and competitive birthday party planner Kolkata, will help you to plan and carry out all the expensive tasks without burning a hole in your pocket at all. Also, you will not compromise with your favorite foods or drinks. At Birthday World, the preeminent birthday party planner Kolkata, we have everything to ensure an unforgettable birthday party ever.

We are valuable birthday party planner Kolkata who offers you the opportunity of celebrating your birthday at the trendiest and venues in your city. The optimal way to learn more about these hottest deals and offers is to get in touch with us. As there is no lack of venues in Kolkata, you can compare their wide range of offerings in addition to the price difference. Depending on your budget and preferences, we will help you pick out the most available restaurant. As well as a hotel that offers spacious areas with delicious foods and drinks. If you are still on the fence, then we strongly recommended to you to contact us. We hold copious expertise and rich experience in offering comprehensive and the most available birthday deals.

How To Approach?

Approaching us at Birthday World, the well-famed birthday party planner Kolkata, event planning company can help you at every step. We can help you make the most of the best possible deal. Rather, for hosting your grand birthday party that too in sync with your preferences and budget. We commit to taking care of your entire specifications and exceeding your expectations accordingly. Besides, We make our best efforts to ensure that there is no room left for any complaint to be made by our customers. In this way, we help you to save your time in planning. Furthermore, and carrying out each and everything without causing you to put in any effort.

Birthday Party Planner
Birthday Party Planner

Our Caterers Provide Simple the Best Foods & Drinks

As Birthday is an event which everyone wants to enjoy so, having different but tasty food items. Therefore, no doubt enhances the charm of celebration. People love to try new foods that look good as well as tasty so they go towards specialty food. At this point, we come in handy again by having a professional catering team. The caterers excel in preparing specialty foods that are in sync with the event. Besides, it entertains the taste buds of attendees.

Our birthday party matchless deals, you need not limit yourself to order one or two food and drinks anymore. Further, you also do not need to fret over exorbitant bills. In this way, you get the opportunity to enjoy your favorite specialty foods and drinks without exceeding your budget. We know very well the value of hard-earned money. Which is why we charge only the reasonable price that is easy on the pocket for every customer. We are a top-class birthday party planner Kolkata Company and coordinate parties. Precisely, that are going to be satisfactory enough for everyone who attends the party. While you hire our birthday planning service, you will be thankful to ensure that your child’s birthday party an unsullied success. Besides, it will be discussing for years to come ahead.

We Organize the Best Birthday Games

At Birthday World, the best birthday party planner Kolkata, we offer the best fun activities that you can do at your child’s birthday party. One very engaging and entertaining game for children is Scavenger Hunt that we can organize. We use of indoor playgrounds and bounce houses to play this game. However, this plan is appropriate only if you have your personal private space. Moreover, based on your preference, we can help you organize the Arrogance Race Competition. This fun activity is also a rage among a lot of people. However, it is important to specify the directions beforehand so that no participant is confused.

Hide and Seek is another popular fun activity that we at Birthday World, the preeminent birthday party planner Kolkata. It can be the best birthday bash activity if you are looking to host parties at an indoor playground. As it is very likely that most of the little guests would not be familiar with the venue. Therefore, no one will be familiar with the best places to hide. In this way, the birthday child will have maximum odds of winning prizes over other kids who have participated in the game.

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We the Birthday Party Planner Kolkata organize birthday party event in the right manner and make event real success. We will assist you to check that that you just build your party very special. Hire us at birthday party Planner Kolkata and let us make your children’s birthday out of this world. You can get in touch with us at (+91) 9999990921 or email us at Besides, we will cater to your needs perfectly!

Birthday World—The In-demand Birthday Planner in Kolkata

Birthday Planner

Birthday World is the name of a versatile and predominant birthday planner located in Kolkata. Our company has been gaining ground for planning and executing the best birthday parties for more than 10 years. Besides, excellence in our services has led us to become an apple of the eye of most customers in and around Kolkata. Furthermore, We are reputed for planning birthday parties that are matchlessly smooth and fun. We are professional birthday planner Kolkata and keep all-inclusive things in our consideration. Therefore, the ultimate result is that parties certainly become a smasher! We furnish each and every item which is a must for your birthday like decoration, cake, catering, flower arrangement, guest reception, etc. In the meantime, we, the renowned birthday planner Kolkata, make our best effort to make the party as memorable as possible through quality and catchy decorations.

Moreover, We are committed to planning and carrying out a birthday bash by catering to inclusive birthday needs under one roof. In Addition, We have various trendiest catchy themes, games, and other entertainment sources that will make your birthday party appear unique and more exciting. Besides, We urge you to leave all your concerns related to the next birthday party on us, just feel relax and focus on your regular work. After all, we at Birthday World, the recognized Birthday Planner Kolkata Company are responsible for catering to each and everything from start to finish! In precise words, we will cater to every service such as catering, lighting, orchestra, decorations, etc. As we, the versatile birthday planner Kolkata, take up the responsibility of everything about your birthday party. Although, it will cost you an affordable amount of money yet, certainly, your valuable time is saved.

Event Planning

We at Birthday World, the leading birthday planner Kolkata, help you plan your birthday party letting you off the hook! While you chill down or focus on your chores, we at Birthday World will plan an all the way cool birthday party, with a combination of unlimited enthusiasm and fun. We the famed birthday planner Kolkata feel confident about making the event as grand and appealing as possible. In the meantime, we are sure to leave your guests with a feeling of awe! So just feel at ease all the way because we will do all the magic for you!

By long odds, a number of birthday planning companies are turning up on a regular basis but at Birthday World, a top birthday planner Kolkata company, we are different. Our event planners not only plan and execute the events but also play a stellar role in brand building, marketing and communication approach. At the same time, we render our customers with an additional feeling that someone is taking care of their matter sincerely not only on a professional basis but also on a personal basis.

Birthday Themes

At Birthday World, the leading birthday planner Kolkata Company, we have a variety of multicolored themes that we can put into effect depending on your preferences and needs. Our themes are sure to give a professional appearance to the birthdays organized in indoor settings without burning a hole in your pocket. Therefore, We furnish you with world-class birthday materials, invitations, dinner service and decorations of your preferred designs to breathe a new life into your party. Moreover, A thematic party decor will have a need for cut-outs, tunes, musical groups, game stalls, clown shows, stick walkers, thorough and attractive venue decor, scrumptious dinner, etc. to ensure pleasant evenings for all.

Balloon Decorations

At Birthday World, the distinguished birthday planner Kolkata Company, we take delight and excel in balloon decoration for our clients. We ensure superb balloon decoration for your big day event. Embellish and celebrate with a balloon as the World does! We are also reputed for making a perfect balloon decoration at your venue.  Besides, Based on your preferences and needs, you can choose from different categories such as Normal Lattice Balloon, Helium Gas Balloon, Printed Balloons, etc.

Games and Shows

At Birthday World, we are the most sought-after birthday planner Kolkata Company and have built a reputation for organizing the best games and shows to make your birthday event a stunning success. In fact, We arrange Magic shows and great fun games and other fun programs to let your children and their friends enjoy the party. After all, This adds fun to the birthday party and makes the day truly memorable for the birthday child and his / her friends.

  • Magic show
  • Hair Breeding
  • Juggler show
  • Stick walker
  • Charlie Chaplin Show     
  • Clown show      
  • Puppet show    
  • Game Stalls       
  • Mimicry
  • Tattoos and portraits     
  • Balloon Hats      
  • Performances
  • Jumping jack     
  • Firestunt
  • Popcorn unlimited          
  • Mehndi Maker
  • Laugher artist   
  • Ventriloquism
  • Mascots

Moreover, the aforesaid programs are really incredible fun and you will enjoy participating in as well as witnessing them. Apart from this, this kind of game on the list of activities to be organized on the occasion of your child’s party is best if you have lots of time. However, you have a short time period in your hand, then make sure to cut time on these activities so that you do not need to compromise with other activities later.

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Come celebrate your birthday party with us at Birthday World, the most cherished birthday planner Kolkata Company. In fact, make it one you are not about to forget. Furthermore, With our great scrumptious food, our upside down rodeo clowns, awesome DJ, one of a kind decoration, and crazy stuff, you are bound to have the time of your life!

Above all, We offer great party menus and packages including family-style dinners, open bars & bottle service. Moreover, we always have awesome ongoing deals that you can check out on our upcoming events section. Besides, We are committed to making everyone’s experience a special one, so hire us without a second thought. As a result, Birthday Planner is one of the best birthday planners in India.