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Balloon decoration is the main source of any celebration. Without balloon decoration every party looks fade. Any theme party can be created by only balloons decoration. Hence we are the Birthday Planner company, we are also expertise in balloon decoration works. Since 2006 we are doing decorations and theme parties in delhi & ncr. In short, we are the best birthday party planner and balloon decorator in delhi & ncr. Whenever our client needs any services related to balloon decoration, they trust on us because of last event. If you think, balloon decoration as an easy task than you are wrong. Due to our creativity of works, we are now getting calls from different areas of india now. In other words, birthday planner is the only company in delhi that is successful because of their work. With this in mind, we do our works with more energy to explain our works. At the present time, we are mainly delivering our services in delhi and ncr regions. We are spreading our area of work in all over india as soon as possible. Birthday party balloons are made up of latex which can be found from rubber plant / tree. It may be filled with normal air blown from mouth. It can also be filled with helium gas, that can fly in sky. It can also be filled by water and any other non flammable gas to reduce chance of fire. Rubber is a such type of material that elasticity makes its volume adjustable. Balloons are available in approx all colours like red, green, yellow, orange, blue, pink, white, purple and so on. USE OF BALLOONS IN MODELLING & ART Balloon modelling artists are the birthday party entertainers who creates sculptures by twisting balloons. Balloon modelling balloons are such type of balloons which has more elasticity and less bursting feature. It can be tied easily after making sculptures. These balloons are very hard to blow from mouth. We often need a special balloon pump to blow it. Birthday party organizers generally use helium gas for balloon sculpturing. Round shaped balloons are mostly used to create an entrance arch HOT AIR BALLOONS At many events, hot air balloons are used to promote any specific brand. This hot air balloon is very big balloons in size that contains huge amount of gas inside it. This balloon is usually used to fly in sky with an height of 30 ft-40 ft from ground level. FOR BRAND USE Balloons are not used in balloon decoration only but also used for brand promotion at events. Screen printing is commonly used to print brand designs and company brand logos on to the balloons. INDOOR DECORATION Balloon decoration is used to decorate the room, if birthday celebration is in house. If you are celebrating outside in banquet hall, it can also be used there to decorate the hall. You can put 4-5 helium gas balloons bouquet at every table. It will grace your party venue. Helium gas balloons is to be must do things for a party. Welcome entrance arch may be created by balloon decoration. OUTDOOR DECORATION : Balloon decoration can also be done in outdoor venue. We can put some balloon designers pillars to decorate the venue. Thematic foil balloons with helium filled can also be used to grace the outside venue. Photobooth zone can be made by balloon decoration and so on. POLKA DOTTED BALLOON : Polka dotted balloons are very demanding balloons these days. Every guests want to use it in party. These balloons mix a grace of mixture in your party. We may also fill helium into it. Polka dotted balloon size is little more bigger than normal party balloons. METTALIC BALLOONS : These are the commonly party balloons used in balloon decoration work. These balloons have more shining in respect to normal party balloons. This balloon is little different for other party balloons because of its shining nature. FOIL BALLOONS : These balloons are commonly used to make your party according to theme. In other words, This balloon is to explain the the theme. This can also be filled with normal air and can also be filled with helium gas. POPULAR PARTY BALLOONS IN INDIA : Polka dotted balloons Metallic balloons Imported balloons Foil balloons Helium balloons Hot air balloons Printed balloons and many more…
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