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Birthday Party Organisers in Kolkata

Get your birthday organized by Birthday Word, the top Birthday Party Organisers in Kolkata

No wonder, every person wants to plan a birthday bash for his special ones. However, If you are the one who also has the ardent desire in mind. Then you need to worry at all! We at Birthday World, the top birthday party organisers in Kolkata. Will cater to all things you have in your mind. In fact, we guess you might have the following things in mind in general:

– Appropriate timings for a party

– Party Venue

– Best befitting theme

– Dress code

– Wonderful party supplies

– Food items and a lot more!

Parties for children are increasingly becoming sophisticated, stylish and celebrated with the time. Nowadays, birthday kids, as well as guests, are not readily satisfied. Or attracted to a party with standard decoration and other arrangements. However, Everyone expects something outstanding with increasing ornate expectations. In fact, these expectations can never be met simply by taking notes on a diary and making the arrangements. From invitations cards to return gifts, everything should be just the thing and meet the refined level touch.

We coordinate every birthday party taking a few key things into our consideration:

– A specific theme since a standard theme will not do well in this era.
– The birthday boy/girl should feel exceptional and always keep such special events in mind.
– Everybody should be paid special attention and have a very good time with the party.
– Return gifts should be as per the age and preference of your birthday boy/girl.

An annual special event like a birthday deserves all the pomp and show, including magnificence. And finesses that no one else than Birthday World, the foremost birthday party organisers in Kolkata, can put in order. Having an experience of over a decade in organizing events. In fact, we vouch for injecting that touch of style to make your event look every inch spectacular and memorable!

Birthday Party organisers in Kolkata
Birthday Party organisers in Kolkata

Get the assistance of full-fledged staff at Birthday Party organisers in Kolkata

By choosing Birthday World, the most sought-after birthday party organisers in Kolkata. Moreover, you can expect to get the assistance of very experienced and knowledgeable professionals. However, professionals are committed to delivering the highest level of birthday organizing services. After all, it is a commonsensical fact that veteran and knowledgeable professionals. Are the key to bringing success to any desired event. Furthermore, Their experience and know-how monumentally contribute to making your big day event a real smasher. To be precise, our skilled and savvy staff will assist in planning the event end-to-end. In fact, by achieving your entire event management needs in a very competent fashion.

We also offer the ultimate catering service

To make a birthday event a real smasher, the need for arranging quality and scrumptious food is essential. With this in mind, it stands to reason to have the finest catering service. We the finest birthday party organisers in Kolkata will make an early booking for party hall in or near Faridabad. That offers a world-class catering service that will truly give you the best peace of mind. Our catering professionals will give scrupulous attention to your specific needs and customize the menu based on your need. This vouches for the fact that simply an ultimate menu will be presented to your guests.

Innovative hall decoration & setup ideas

When you opt for a birthday party hall in or near Kolkata hiring our proficient team of decorators. You can cross your fingers that you will be receiving the most extraordinary decoration for your child’s big day. Our team of adept in-house decorators will decorate the venue based on your preferences. The team members will work in conjunction with you to do the decoration according to your means as well.

State-of-the-art amenities

A birthday party venue sporting a variety of state-of-the-art amenities. For example, comfortable seating options, completely AC facility, DJ music options, and unsullied lighting arrangements make everybody feel at ease throughout the event.

Great and spacious accommodation

With a birthday party hall in Kolkata, you can readily accommodate and entertain a host of guests under one roof. The idea to organize your birthday party in a hall stands to reason if your home runs out of space; therefore, it is not an ideal place to organize a birthday party. With very well seating arrangements and 24×7 customer support services, a birthday party hall is more suitable for the event.

Idyllic setting

Craving for a magic show to be organized at your kid’s birthday party? Wanting to keep your kid’s friends amused with some amazing games? We at Birthday World, the most prestigious birthday party organisers in Kolkata will do this and much more to make a quality and memorable birthday party in Kolkata. We will also organise manifold entertainers and organizers who can make your event more sparkling & agreeable.

Customers who have already hired us at Birthday World, the superior birthday party organisers in Kolkata. And availed our birthday planning services share their personal positive experiences with us gladly. In addition, they often render great thanks for playing a stellar role in organizing. In fact, We first understand the needs and ensure the budget of our customers. And then take the step forward to organize the party accordingly. However, No matter what are the preferences and budget of our customers. Besides, we always try our best to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

We, the fastest thriving birthday party organisers in Kolkata, also, on the demand of our customers. Bring along with us walking inflatables that can play along with the kids. This way, kids never feel bored and have a second-to-none birthday celebration. What is more, we also include birthday party characters and a variety of decoration items. That can jazz up the attraction of the birthday venue to a greater extent.

Hire Birthday Party organisers in Kolkata now!

Now you have read the advantages of hiring us at Birthday Word, the leading party organisers in Kolkata! So be sure to get in touch with us at Harry4events@gmail.com or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921 and make your child birthday more than a special day.

Birthday Decoration Planner

Birthday World- Get your birthday decorated like never before

Party Decorations are generally a very inventive process. With this in mind, one should be very clear as if what type of environment. And the decoration they crave for at the party. Planning and carrying out a birthday party depends on your preference and budget. Therefore, birthday party decoration can be planned. And carried out by oneself or the same can be get done by a professional birthday decoration planner. Whether you have a limited or unlimited budget. It is a down-to-earth idea to hire professional decoration planners in Kolkata. If you are looking to throw a birthday party grandiosely. For example, we at Birthday World are the leading birthday decoration planner in Kolkata. We plan and carry out a birthday party end-to-end depending on the type of budget of customers.

We have every decorative item to make your party more appealing and lively

For Party Decorations, we are sure to make the party environment livelier and jazzier. In this regard, the theme of your party substantially matters. Like if you are celebrating the party with a jungle theme. Then you should have the environment of a jungle as your décor. If you are having a birthday party. Then you must have a party area that is filled with lots of decorations. These include colorful balloons, party banners, pictures of your family and friends on the walls. Or of a very cool trip that you had recently, etc. We, the well-eminent birthday decoration planner in Kolkata, have these decorative items and more to cater to your wish.

Birthday Decoration Planner
Birthday Decoration Planner

Get guaranteed decoration from Birthday Decoration Planner

So, if you are the one who is going to come up with the idea of Party Decorations. Then it would be best if you go through the decoration plans with us. We, the preeminent birthday decoration Planner in Kolkata, are sure to turn these ideas into a reality. However, we incorporate them into the birthday party plan and grace the event more wonderfully. We have lots of different ideas to decorate your party area according to the theme and materials added.


Confetti is becoming very popular for party decorations. Adding confetti to party areas adds a festive touch to most parties. From the very traditional party such as a birthday party. And graduation to the more formal parties like dinner parties and receptions, confetti adds the perfect touch. Therefore, we, the most eminent birthday decoration planner in Kolkata. Think that confetti is a great accessory for decorating birthday parties.

We at Birthday World, the premier birthday decoration planner in Kolkata, use party confetti in a variety of ways. The confetti can be used to decorate the party invitations, create crafts to decorate the party tables. The choices for using confetti at parties are only limited by one’s imagination. Furthermore, considering that theme-oriented confetti is becoming more and more popular, we do include the same.


Centerpieces have gained a lot of popularity through time. And have become a great source of decorations as well as party favors. We, the legendary birthday decoration planner in Kolkata, have readymade centerpieces that look elegant and are catchy to the eyes. There are very elegant floral arrangement centerpieces, which include Pink and Champagne. Roses in Ceramic Planter, Mini Porcelain Favor Rose, etc.

When your guests have their eyes on your collection of centerpieces, they definitely think that where you got those from. It is definitely something that shows that they really liked your collection. And thus it becomes a way to silently share your taste with all. The centerpiece can be given as party favors to all your guests. The item will make them feel really proud and a part of a very spectacular party. And would remind them of the wonderful time they had. As the last word, if you are looking for some singular centerpiece. Then you can let us know and we will fulfill your needs.


Candles are an elegant choice to light the party area. Once it is being decided that candles must be used as a source of lighting. Then the next thing we, the best birthday decoration planner in Kolkata recommend is that you follow the safety measures. To employ safety measures, we will ensure that candles are covered with glass covers. So that the party area is secured. Note, Do Not Forget To Keep The Fire Extinguishers Handy.

Apart from using candles to illuminate the birthday party area, we suggest you use it as party favors. At the end of the party, you can hand over a candle to your guests. Which is excellently wrapped in a gift paper with a red bow around. It is a unique idea to hand out different kinds of candles to your guests as party favors. Birthday Decoration Planner will just bring about a very nice feeling among all.

Ceiling dangles

Another decorating item we, the celebrated birthday decoration planner in Kolkata. Will add is the ceiling dangle, which is a perfect addition to a party. Birthday parties to graduation parties, ceiling dangles or ceiling danglers They add a great deal of excitement to any room. For the most part, ceiling dangles have been around for many years. But people are just starting to use them for a variety of personal parties. As most people know, this small addition adds a lot to a party’s décor.

Hire Birthday Decoration Planner now

As a matter of fact, organizing and decorating a party is hard to crack. That all require a sincere effort to be made. Birthday Decoration Planner. At the crossroads, a run of the mill person is very likely to give up. Considering the same, hiring a professional birthday decoration planner such as we at Birthday World, is an idea worth considering! We plan everything ranging from selecting and decorating a venue, birthday fun games, catering, to return gifts, etc. So be sure to get in touch with us at Birthday World, the leading birthday decoration planner Kolkata. At Harry4events@gmail.com or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. So Happy Party Plans, decorations, and Have Lots of Fun!

Party Event Planners Kolkata

We have won spurs as the most prominent party event planners Kolkata company

Birthday World is a well-thought-of birthday party event planners Kolkata-based company. We have made a track record of excellence in the industry with its unrivalled party event planning services. Whether you want to get a party organized at home or outdoors, we come in handy for our clients by organizing and carrying out the event for them very well. So all you need to do is just call us, cast your worries aside all the way and revel in the party fun to the fullest! After all, we at Birthday World, are the most efficient and predominant birthday party event planners Kolkata. We are committed to taking care of everything related to birthday planning.


At Birthday World, the astute party event planners Kolkata, whenever we plan a birthday party or any other gala celebration, we decorate it with variegated balloons! After all, balloons are to make any party special. If you want to recognize the party boy or girl with a huge bouquet of birthday balloons or designate places with balloons (on which you have printed the names of your guests), balloons are again the greatest thing ever. 

Party Event Planners Kolkata
Party event Planners Kolkata

We add variegated balloons

With the simple use of mounds of pink and white balloons, we, the well-recognized party event planners Kolkata, can create a fairy princess hideaway fit for a queen and her court. Brown and green balloons filling an empty room can create a treasure hunt worthy of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. Balloons are somehow magical and create a very special party environment. They are inflated with air or helium. They carry sentiments of love, party theme caricatures, humorous sentiments, or personalized. However, they can be decorative or even be a gift. Balloons can even allow you to reach new heights in the open air. 

What special can do for you regarding balloons?

Consider blowing up balloons, saturating cotton cording or ribbon in a water and white glue mix and wrapping the balloon. We can sprinkle the wet cording with glitter for an added sparkle. Hang the balloon and allow the ribbon to dry. Then, poke the balloon with a pin, and fish out the broken balloon. Feed strings of clear or colored mini lights through the stiffened ribbon or cord, thread the end through the top, hang and plugin. This provides decorative lighting that you can tailor-make to fit with your party theme.

Hot air balloon ride

You might consider a birthday party hot air balloon ride. We can offer them, and many enjoy seeing the world below them while feeling the wind in their hair. However, if that is not possible for you, we can still use a wide range of balloons in your parties in a multitude of ways, from crafting piņatas to creating crafty lighting for your party.

We have a variety of party supplies

The idea of discounted party supplies is truly out of this world and that will doubtlessly appeal to you. This is because we at Birthday World, the well-renowned party event planners Kolkata, carry a variety of trendiest and appealing party supplies that will impress you readily. Compared to other party event planners Kolkata, we offer better discounts on the different party products. In this way, you can easily buy the supplies and make the party an awesome event.

Get discounted party supplies from Birthday World

At Birthday World, we offer discounted party supplies to you depending on your needs and preferences. We offer different party items that you can look forward to adding to your party according to the theme. With us, the notable party event planners Kolkata, there is no hassle to look for party supplies. We have specially discounted party supplies to make the party a success and an event to remember.

With us regarding party supplies, you are in safe hands

Some people say that discounted party supplies are of not good quality but it is something that you should not put your ears to. This is because if you are buying it from us the premier party event planners Kolkata, then you are in safe hands. However, if you are going to buy it from some other websites on the Internet, then you can ask them for assurance or guarantees.

Why Birthday World?

At Birthday World, we first take your needs and preferences into account and accordingly offer you services and supplies. No matter what your party goals and visions are, we are always ready to turn them into a reality. This is feasible with our world-class decoration, planning and organizing services that are absolutely out of this world. Therefore, if you furnish us with the opportunity to plan a birthday for you, then there will be wow for us on your lips. Also, we readily understand that a birthday event can entail massive expenses in terms of organizing your function. Do not worry at all; we will do our best to adjust each and everything within your budget. We, the predominant party event planners Kolkata, also guarantee you that we will carry out everything within a limited frame of time.

Hire us for your birthday without a second thought now!

Believe it or not, organizing and executing a birthday party is not a breeze. It requires a heightened level of effort put in. At this critical point, a run of the mill person will simply give up. That is why hiring a professional birthday organizer and decorator is an idea worth considering! We plan everything ranging from choosing and decorating a venue, birthday fun games, catering, to return gifts, etc.

At Birthday World, we are the finest party event planners Kolkata and can make a difference at the birthday party for sure. Besides, We can arrange for everything! All you have to do is enjoy and have fun!

So be sure to get in touch with us at Birthday World, the leading party event planners Kolkata, at Harry4events@gmail.com or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921 and we will run the extra mile to make your child’s birthday a golden success.

Birthday Decorators in Kolkata

Birthday World – Get Unmatched Birthday Decorations from Us

Birthday parties are avidly welcomed by people of all age groups, but most particularly, by children. After all, a birthday party is really a matchless opportunity for people who want to ensure a get-together of their family members and have great fun. Therefore, it should not sound out of the ordinary to you when you come to know that most of your buddies and kith & kin are keenly waiting for the birthday party Decorators. However, A host of parents generally wait for the birthday of their kids avidly a few weeks ago. However, As already mentioned above, a birthday is one of the sought-after events for a get-together. Birthday Decorators in Kolkata are best in Kolkata.

We have the answer for you for every decoration you want

In any case, if celebrating a birthday bash for your little one is in your mind this year, and you are looking for the best party decorations and supplies then Birthday World has an answer for you! At Birthday World, we are recognized Kolkata’s leading birthday decorators in Kolkata. Believe it or not, we have literally a host of options available to you at a price that is a no brainer. If you are searching for kids’ party decorations then you need not look further than Birthday Decorators in Kolkata. We carry each and everything to grace your birthday event like never before!

Birthday Party Decorators In Kolkata
Birthday Party Decorators In Kolkata

We are sure to achieve your entire birthday decorations needs

Our broad compilation of party decorations and supplies are in sync with people of all age groups – therefore, age is no bar to ensuring that perfect party. And if you have the plan to throw a themed birthday party with matching decorations, you will be pleased to learn that we, the legendary birthday decorators in Kolkata, have each and everything to achieve your needs. By long odds, there is always an exceptional demand for princess and superhero party costumes and decorations. Therefore, you can cross your fingers that you can find what you are searching for. If not, just let us know and we will be able to procure it for you.

We are the jack of all trades

We think we are handyman when it comes to party decorations and supplies. Over the years of our inception in the industry, we have decorated hundreds of birthday parties for our clients. Our fantabulous variety of fancy dress costumes and accessories include masquerade masks and party wigs. No matter what you are looking for, we will have that all for you. Therefore, for all party decorations and supplies, we are the leading birthday decorators in Kolkata.

We can cater to entire birthday supplies

As we are conveniently located in Kolkata where we have a party decoration and supplies warehouse where we, the dedicated birthday decorators in Kolkata, would like you to invite to pay a visit.  It is all easy when you want to get a birthday organized and decorated by us. All orders are accepted and checked by our knowledgeable team of packers and distributors, so you will certainly take delivery of all the products that you have ordered and they will be in first-rate condition. Dispatch is always without delay, so your party supplies will be with you in a couple of days.

We follow up-to-date trends

In fact, We not only revel in our work but we also take pride in our standard of service. Our team members are complete professionals and always go the extra mile to offer best-in-class products. We, the well-famed birthday decorators in Kolkata, also follow and adhere to the up-to-date trends so we feel confident to offer you very good assistance. You may be in need of a handful of ideas if you are searching for something a bit more inventive. Therefore, we have a lot of amazing birthday ideas and products that will rock your birthday party. Nothing else gives us more satisfaction than to satiating our customers. And hearing what a success their party has been.

We Can Organize All Your Favorite Birthday Party Games Too

We, at Birthday World, the seasoned and eminent birthday decorators in Kolkata, are committed to offering you complete assistance to make your kid’s birthday party a magnificent and memorable event for a lifetime. Not only we shine at decorating birthday parties and ordering yummy cuisine menu for your guests but also we are second to none when it comes to organizing your favorite birthday party games. These games will be Musical Chairs, Prize Walk, Paper Boat Race, Balloon Pop, Pin the Tail on the Donkey, etc. Also, we can invite a great and eminent magician at your birthday party.

We at Birthday World, the professional birthday decorators in Kolkata organize parties that are extra fun, pleasant to an extent that can keep children busy. With this in mind, we add a diversity of wonderful birthday party games. However, we ensure that your child’s party will be an unsullied success and will be discussed for years to come in the future.

Hire us now!

We, at Birthday World, are the professional birthday decorators in Kolkata, that we have been tirelessly planning parties for kids or adults. After all, we possess experience of a lot of years in carrying out such party events. Therefore, move ahead; hire us at Birthday World and make your children’s birthday out of this world.

A birthday is an event that requires planning, designing and organizing end to end. This surely entails a great amount of time and the finest effort to be put in. The situation is very tiring and therefore it is not feasible for an average person to tackle it. With this in mind, hiring a professional birthday organizer is an idea worth considering! We plan everything ranging from selecting a venue, birthday party games, foods & drinks, to return gifts. Besides, we let you off the hook, you only need to sit back, feel relaxed and enjoy the party.

We at Birthday World, the finest birthday decorators in Kolkata, are accountable for making a fun and delightful celebratory party! So as you hire us, you can look forward to grabbing the most favorable birthday deals possible. So hire us at Birthday World and witness how our event planning does the magic for you. Therefore, We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Partying!

Birthday Party Organizers in Kolkata

Hire Birthday Party Organizers in Kolkata to make your child’s birthday out of this world

A child’s birthday is always a great day for the parents. Parents are so excited about this gala day that they want to share it with everyone. That is why a Kid’s Birthday party is often crazy, chaotic and fun. While your child won’t remember his/her preceding birthdays, he/ she will be able to look back on the pictures and see what happened. Therefore, as the parent, you want to make sure that everything is just so – from the baby’s first birthday invitations to the party supplies for babies’ first birthday. However, birthday party organizers in Kolkata in today’s fast-paced, giving attention to arranging birthday supplies, catering, in other words, the arrangement is generally not possible in metro cities particularly. This is because parents have to leave for their workplace from morning to evening.

In this way, it becomes a very sticky situation for them. At the crossroads, birthday party organizers in Kolkata are the source you can count on unswervingly. They will help you to the fullest in arranging and coordinating parties to the fullest. By the by, do you reside anywhere in Kolkata and are looking for the best birthday party organizers? If yes, then do not further than Birthday World, the most dependable and prestigious birthday party organizers in Kolkata.

Birthday Party Organizers in Kolkata
Birthday Party Organizers in Kolkata

Kids’ birthday party Organizers and supplies

When it comes to a kid’s birthday, you already have your theme – number one! The only thing you have to do is tailor the baby’s first birthday party supplies to a boy or girl. Of course, instead of choosing pink or blue, you could always choose neutral colors or themes that would suit either sex. Some most popular themes we, the fast thriving birthday party organizers in Kolkata, can offer and include in your kid’s birthday party include Chhota Bheem, Alice in Wonderland, Cake Decorating, Monkey Madness, Cupcake Wars, Frozen, Back to College, etc.

However, you will discover that you just might want to indulge a bit more than that. Therefore, for a baby girl’s birthday party, you might choose a princess theme or even a flower-power theme. Getting some clues from your baby girl’s personality and age, we, the prominent birthday party organizers in Kolkata, can help you choose the most suitable theme for her. If your baby girl has a sunny disposition, how about the yellow smiley faces or even using the sun in your theme? A baby girl’s first birthday party would not be true to form unless you had a special shirt or dress just for her.

Boys are slightly different from girls. Obviously, you do not need to go into all the frou-frou, as you would with a girl’s party. First of all, to bring attention to the birthday boy, we guess that a baby’s boy’s birthday shirt might be appropriate. Then, you could bring elements of his/her favorite things into the mix. His first baby birthday cake could have little toy trucks on it or it could be shaped into building blocks. Let all these concerns leave on us, a prestigious party organizer in Kolkata.

Other birthday ideas we can offer you

We, at Birthday World, the most well-thought-of birthday party organizers in Kolkata, could give a babies’ first birthday poem as well in the form of a card or picture frame. Of course, your baby would have no idea what it is, so it is up to you to save it in their baby book or display it in your home.

First baby birthday cards will likely be novelty ones that are pretty and incorporate a child-centered theme. Again, your baby won’t have a clue what the card is. However, as the parent, you can save them in your child’s memory book as a part of his or her history.

A gift idea for a first baby birthday should typically be a sturdy play toy. You will discover that there are plenty of toys that are educational and fun for a small growing kid. Also expected are items of clothing from other people. Clothing is popular as a gift for children this young. Because children grow so fast, you will appreciate the extra clothing. Be sure not to go overboard on the baby birthday gift though. As mentioned before, they won’t remember this day; however, you will. Photos are the most important thing to capture. We at Birthday World, a notable birthday party organizers in Kolkata, can offer you still a variety of wonderful ideas.

We are really outstanding when it comes to organizing birthday parties

At Birthday World, we are a well-established birthday party organizers in Kolkata who are committed to making a dynamic and fun environment for the target audience. This way, the guests will surely be able to experience the best fun and enjoyment. With our seamless planning, we are sure to take your birthday party to a new level of success.

We at Birthday World, the finest birthday party organizers in Kolkata are the most helpful and available option for the parents who are active in the search of most conspicuous birthday party organizers. Luckily, we are the same who match your needs and preferences. We are dedicated to making a Kid’s birthday party exceptional and memorable. We are a leading specialist in making arrangements for birthday parties for varied age groups. However, We are armed with a team of professional, accomplished and experienced professionals who walk the extra mile to carry out their duties very well. Bringing sparkles in the eyes of the birthday boy/girl and their friends’ is a true reward for us.

Hire us now!

Do not fret over even a bit, we are committed to making the special occasion of a birthday more valuable and special for the invitees and hosts. Our main aim is to keep the guests amused throughout the Kid’s party.  Hire us at Birthday World, a legendary birthday party organizers in Kolkata, by getting in touch with us at Harry4events@gmail.com or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921.

Birthday Party Organiser

We Are Guaranteed to Make Your Birthday Party A Red-Letter Day 

Most days in a yearly calendar are regular ones yet few ones out of them are highly special and noticeable one of them is doubtlessly a birthday! A birthday is a special day where we get the opportunity to express the joy of our birth. It is a very special time of a year which must be celebrated with great pomp and show. We at Birthday World, the specialty birthday Party organiser in Kolkata cater to all your needs with unlimited hilarity, fun, and energy with the return gifts. However, No matter whether it’s a kids’ or an adult’s birthday, it is great to be together and enjoy the celebration to the fullest. And we, the thriving birthday party organiser in Kolkata, play a stellar role in making your birthday a stunning event.

We specialize in offering a singular party theme, world-class decoration ideas for all types of age groups, scrumptious food with energizing drinks and more. We have a variety of wonderful birthday themes, with second-to-none and trendiest decorative ideas. You can also customize your birthday event, as our specialty. We are the leading birthday party organiser, so you need not need to worry at all for anything. To embolden the appreciation of the guests who attend the party, we follow the idea of return gifts which are doled out to every one of them. You can ask us for including corporate gifts, promotional gifts, birthday gifts, etc. to be chosen as per your needs and preferences. In the end, a party with fun and entertainment filled activities give plenty of relaxation from their run of the mill life.

Birthday party organiser
Birthday party organiser

Live Entertainment

For kid’s birthday parties, definitely you would be craving for visual presentation of your birthday that is easy to understand, and, without a doubt, all the way funny. You will perhaps not entertain and appreciate anyone who cracks moth-eaten “jokes” that do not bring any smile on the lips of children readily. Children are generally keen on situational comedy, where crazy stuff comes about and everyone revels in the fun. To inject fun and merriment to your party, we the most cherished birthday party organiser in Kolkata will arrange:

  • A Magic Show which would be so uniquely fun, wonderful, and comical too!!!
  • A Puppet Show where you will enjoy observing small figures coming alive and talking!!!
  • In addition, Your favorite Symbolic figure, for example, Superman, Chhota Bheem, Doraemon, etc.

Return gifts

A return gift is a cardinal part of any birthday party. The return gifts are doled out to every little guest to appreciate him/her for attending the party. Return gifts encourage little children in general and are the highly expected moment of the party. We at Birthday World, the overriding birthday party organiser in Kolkata, believe that return gifts should not only be fun but also it should be enlightening and eco-friendly. In fact, We highly recommend the trend of return gifts for different age groups irrespective of your budget range. Therefore, you can choose from well-decorated pencils, storybooks to activity toys and battery-operated toys.

To be only one of its kind in your gifts selection, you may choose:

  • Environment-friendly timber toys
  • Pots with natural plants
  • Encyclopedias
  • Home-produced chocolates
  • Theme-based goodies


Birthday of your child is a festivity carrying great weight; it comes about solely once a year. So food items and drinks must be managed fully professionally, with sincere understanding, and utmost care. However, you can leave the hassle of cooking on our caterers, all you need to do is to feel relaxed, sit back and have fun in the celebration. At Birthday World, the key birthday party organiser in Kolkata, we can offer a range of options for your child’s birthday party.

Some special catering items that are loved by children:

  • Smileys
  • Doughnuts
  • Cup corns
  • Popcorn machine
  • Chocolate Fountain

Fun Activities

A birthday party with no activities involved can be very unexciting. We, the number one birthday party organiser in Kolkata, smooth the progress of synergistic stage games to get all your guests rolling! We offer very engaging games for children to make a special event get going. Basically, Not only will participants on stage be having a delight in the fun. Hence, the viewers too have a wonderful time watching it!

The Games and Activities will include:

  • Games Coordinator
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Disc Jockeys
  • Caricaturist
  • Face painting
  • Bouncy and Slides

At Birthday World, the well-renowned birthday party organiser in Kolkata, we are a team of seasoned, prolific, and dynamic event planners. However, Who has marked the record of making an event a great success. In addition, We have been in the industry for more than ten years. Besides, we are sure to take care of our guests exceptionally well. Therefore, We make these events unforgettable for our esteemed clients. Moreover, Right from the start to the finish of the party, we keep a tab on every infinitesimal detail. This way, you need not fret over anything; just revel in your party with your special ones. In fact, We deal with all the obstacles involved in event planning.

Moreover, Keeping a tab on timing with remarkable coordination. And planning helps us to deliver the best results and exceed your expectations. Besides, Tailor-made themes, thematic event cake, entertainment, balloon decoration, return gifts, scrumptious foods, etc., are sure to please every person without any problem. Also, to capture your prized emotions, we, the dedicated birthday party organiser in Kolkata, have seasoned photographers.

Hire us Now!

We the premier Birthday Party Organiser in Kolkata also offers the most down-to-earth party ideas using the best creativity to make it a surefire success. In fact, We have a variety of packages that fit your pocket. However, We are aware of your needs and will give you the best quotes for all types of events. So now you have read the advantages of hiring us at Birthday Word, the leading birthday party organiser in Kolkata! Be sure to get in touch with us. At Harry4events@gmail.com or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. And make your child’s birthday more than a special day.

Birthday Organiser

Get the best support and service from us at a very affordable rate– Birthday Organiser

At Birthday World, the top Birthday Organiser in Kolkata, are committed to offering you relevant and appropriate type of service and support depending on your preferences and demand. Being the event planner mavens for more than ten years, we have a very good understanding of how difficult it is to bring happiness to the lips of kids. In the meantime, we know how difficult it is to make an event a full success. Considering the same, as the experienced birthday organiser Kolkata, we play a seminal role as professionals in coordinating the birthday party of a child. With a view to removing soreness from the child’s mind completely, we use analytical and inventive skills to meet the needs and goals of every client.

You need not go anywhere else—all you need to do is consult our customer-friendly birthday organiser professionals in Kolkata. We will make your event a gigantic fun and memorable experience for a lifetime. At Birthday World, we consistently use groundbreaking methods and technologies to give a wonderful and the desired effect to a party’s eve. Although there would be all the basic few things in your mind regarding how to organise a birthday party, yet we will help you completely from start to finish of the party. Also, we use second-to-none material to make your birthday event more arresting and catering to the demand of all professionals without making any mistakes.

Birthday Organiser
Birthday Organiser

Different birthday instances we can help you– Birthday Organiser

When it is a child’s birthday, particularly moms are concerned with a lot of things like fun activities, cleanliness, budget, seating, decoration, music, etc. It becomes a mess in their minds and ends up arranging something at the last moment. Book a party hall or organize a party at home… Confused!!! Here are a handful of key things we at Birthday World, the well-famed birthday organiser in Kolkata, will help you to deal with them all most favorably


The biggest myth that arranging a house party will cost less than booking a party hall has always been there. If you want a party which costs less, then we at Birthday Organiser Kolkata always suggest you opt for a party hall or a restaurant or a fast-food joint. The reason is very simple. Moreover, The arrangements at their place are according to attending guests whereas the complete arrangements have to be made from scratch at home. Almost everything has to be arranged like chairs and tables, buffet area, decoration, dustbins, carpets, waiters, cooks, crockery, lights, music, napkins, cleaners and a lot more…Fret not at all! We, the distinguished Birthday Organiser, will deal with all these chores for you efficiently and successfully.

Seating arrangement

It does not matter how big/ small your house is…there cannot be sufficient seating space for more than 20 people; it’s a house after all. So if you are planning to throw a party for 60-100 persons, additional chairs and tables with covers have to be arranged. Then comes the issue with flooring, tables which are ordered from a tent-wala are not good enough for marble or tiled floor. So, a carpet is a must to avoid scratches and dents. Do not worry, we will be responsible for all the same.


Home-cooked snacks and food is a delight for a party. You can prepare some healthy snacks for kids and their favorite food which they will surely love. If there is a lot to cook on your own, then we the predominant birthday organiser Kolkata will arrange a cook. But not just only cooks are required but the whole list of things from a grocery store will also need to be purchased on your own along. These include veggies, milk, curd, juices, napkins, paper glasses, and whatnot. And that’s not all…The buffet table area has to be identified where guests can help themselves but ensure that the buffet area is covered from the top. Again, we will come into play for you in this regard.


Simple balloon decoration with an entrance arch is enough for a house party unless you are having and outdoor lawn décor. If you are spending a big amount on theme décor then we at Birthday World. The well-established birthday organiser Kolkata will book a party hall else you are going to waste your money. Theme décor is not only about your child’s favorite character or style that you are looking for. Besides, it should also create the ambiance of the theme. It is most unlikely that the theme you choose and the curtains you have match your sofa or the chandelier. However, To cover up all this to an extent is possible but then taping and nailing will damage a lot of things.

Our personal preferences

We at Birthday World, the leading birthday organiser Kolkata, guess that the confusion is still not over. In any case, our personal preference is to coordinate the birthday in a Party hall than a House party. This is because arranging a house party can be the most tiring and cleaning it up post-party can be even more frustrating. So, it is wise to book a hall and pay that extra amount to a local organizer than spending it on a house party which can give you a headache.


Under the brand Birthday World, the up-and-coming Birthday Organiser in Kolkata, we are at the cutting edge of giving support to our dear clients in making the big day an unforgettable event. We are a team of conscientious people who are committed to making the entire event positive for every person. We are a celebrated Birthday organiser in Kolkata, where you can readily get and enjoy our services. Our services are readily reasonably priced for all.

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In this day and age where several options are taken into consideration for making a party cheerful for a lifetime. We will arrange all the things with perfection and timeliness. However. Our client’s satisfaction matters to us a lot. Besides, we are feeling thankful to serve them on their big day. In addition, Be sure to get in touch with us at Harry4events@gmail.com or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. Make your child’s birthday more than a special day.

Birthday Organizer

Birthday Parties for Kids is Exceptional Fun

Organizing a kid’s birthday party very well and orderly is surely one of the best ways to express your unconditional love for him/hers. Kids, by long odds, very much like birthday parties; every year they wait impatiently for this big day to turn up. With this in mind, it is essential to give considerate attention to their needs and desires while you are organizing the event for him/her. In every child’s birthday, no matter what the age of the child is, the celebration should be grand and amazing. Rather, the celebration should be like the one that is hard to be forgotten by your little one for a long time to come. Therefore, Kids also enjoy celebrating their big day with their near and dear ones very much. However, it is an uphill task unless you take the help of professional a birthday organizer Kolkata.

It is a great idea to take the consultation of the professional groups which have already worked in organizing and executing these types of events for years. A professional birthday organizer Kolkata has the proficiency and they can manage very well all the things in an orderly form to make everything perfect in a smooth way.

Birthday Organizer
Birthday Organizer

We have the answer to organizing birthday bash for your child

Birthday World, the preeminent birthday organizer Kolkata, is the best option for those parents who are longing for making their kid’s birthday exceptionally best and unforgettable. We are dedicated to making arrangements for birthday parties for both children and adults. In fact, We have a big team with members performing their specific responsibilities very well. Seeing sparkles in the eyes of your child and his/her peers is a bona fide reward for us. We will walk the extra mile to make all the basic and additional arrangements to make the event very valuable for the invitees and hosts.

Before organizing a birthday party, we typically convene a meeting with the parents of the birthday boy/girl to become familiar with their personal opinions. This strategy helps us to come up with an unsullied plan. In the meantime, we also follow the latest trends of birthday and considering the demand and recommendations of our clients. Including a theme at your party will add extra fun and frolic. As party themes come in a variety of contexts, we, the recognized birthday organizer Kolkata can help you in choosing a perfect theme as well. We, the celebrated birthday organizer Kolkata, urge you to book your kid’s birthday party beforehand to avoid disappointment at the eleventh hours. If you do so, we will be able to book a birthday a perfect venue for you if your preference is to organize the event outdoors. 

We are the best choice for organizing your Baby’s first birthday party

The first birthday of a child is truly more than special for every parent. And there is no reason to skip even the infinitesimal detail about the event. Besides, We, the up-and-coming birthday organizer Kolkata, assure you of making the first birthday party of your baby an exceptional event. By the way, we believe in arranging your baby’s first birthday party supplies. A little earlier than the special day so you don’t have to do any last-minute running around. Want a baby boy’s first birthday shirts? If yes, we can get it ordered earlier and get the birthday baby ready for the actual birthday party.

Birthday Gifts

What would be a baby’s first birthday gift? We, the leading birthday organizer Kolkata, guess that fun books are really good ideas. We will bring bright, colorful books with games and maybe even stuffed animals to go with them.  Presenting him/her toys is another brilliant gift idea; the toys will capture your child’s imagination. Games that go zip and bop and make interesting noises might be just the ticket for your one-year-old baby. But don’t forget about the invitations in all the rush to get things done. Baby first birthday invitations can either be bought or made. However, Making them would save you some money, but you might not have the time to create and print them out. In fact, If you’re stuck, then fret not! We the preeminent birthday organizer Kolkata will come into handy for you.

Birthday Cake

How can we forget about the birthday cake? Baby’s first birthday cake is a big deal and it needs to be something that is easy to make, yet fun. In fact, The best cakes are the ones that are made in various interesting shapes. With fun faces drawn on them and it is our responsibility to bring the best one for him/her. Your child may only be only one-year-old but will love the cake nonetheless. Pictures of the cake are a good idea for when your child gets older. How about babies’ first birthday poem? Can you write one yourself? If not, don’t worry about it, we at Birthday World, the overriding birthday organizer Kolkata will find poems for him/her.

Gift Ideas for Your Birthday Girl

If you want to theme your birthday party and have a little girl. Then plan for a baby girl’s first birthday party using the colors pink and white. However, maybe use stuffed toys in different colors to provide some points of interest in her. Although, Your baby girl’s first birthday party can even have a pink and white cake in the shape of an angel or bunny. Now what to do for a gift idea? Baby first birthday gifts can be just about anything from a new outfit to a stroller. Let us, at Birthday World, the perfect birthday organizer Kolkata, use our imaginative imagination.

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Babies first birthday can bring a lot of laughter and is a very memorable day. If you are able to get a lot of the planning in advance with Birthday World, the well-famed birthday organizer Kolkata Company. After all, you do want to relax a bit. Spend some time visiting with your friends and their kids at the party. Get in touch with our reliable professionals to make birthday event the most awesome event ever.