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Party Decorations are generally a very inventive process. With this in mind, one should be very clear as if what type of environment. And the decoration they crave for at the party. Planning and carrying out a birthday party depends on your preference and budget. Therefore, birthday party decoration can be planned. And carried out by oneself or the same can be get done by a professional birthday decoration planner. Whether you have a limited or unlimited budget. It is a down-to-earth idea to hire professional decoration planners in Kolkata. If you are looking to throw a birthday party grandiosely. For example, we at Birthday World are the leading birthday decoration planner in Kolkata. We plan and carry out a birthday party end-to-end depending on the type of budget of customers.

We have every decorative item to make your party more appealing and lively

For Party Decorations, we are sure to make the party environment livelier and jazzier. In this regard, the theme of your party substantially matters. Like if you are celebrating the party with a jungle theme. Then you should have the environment of a jungle as your décor. If you are having a birthday party. Then you must have a party area that is filled with lots of decorations. These include colorful balloons, party banners, pictures of your family and friends on the walls. Or of a very cool trip that you had recently, etc. We, the well-eminent birthday decoration planner in Kolkata, have these decorative items and more to cater to your wish.

Birthday Decoration Planner
Birthday Decoration Planner

Get guaranteed decoration from Birthday Decoration Planner

So, if you are the one who is going to come up with the idea of Party Decorations. Then it would be best if you go through the decoration plans with us. We, the preeminent birthday decoration Planner in Kolkata, are sure to turn these ideas into a reality. However, we incorporate them into the birthday party plan and grace the event more wonderfully. We have lots of different ideas to decorate your party area according to the theme and materials added.


Confetti is becoming very popular for party decorations. Adding confetti to party areas adds a festive touch to most parties. From the very traditional party such as a birthday party. And graduation to the more formal parties like dinner parties and receptions, confetti adds the perfect touch. Therefore, we, the most eminent birthday decoration planner in Kolkata. Think that confetti is a great accessory for decorating birthday parties.

We at Birthday World, the premier birthday decoration planner in Kolkata, use party confetti in a variety of ways. The confetti can be used to decorate the party invitations, create crafts to decorate the party tables. The choices for using confetti at parties are only limited by one’s imagination. Furthermore, considering that theme-oriented confetti is becoming more and more popular, we do include the same.


Centerpieces have gained a lot of popularity through time. And have become a great source of decorations as well as party favors. We, the legendary birthday decoration planner in Kolkata, have readymade centerpieces that look elegant and are catchy to the eyes. There are very elegant floral arrangement centerpieces, which include Pink and Champagne. Roses in Ceramic Planter, Mini Porcelain Favor Rose, etc.

When your guests have their eyes on your collection of centerpieces, they definitely think that where you got those from. It is definitely something that shows that they really liked your collection. And thus it becomes a way to silently share your taste with all. The centerpiece can be given as party favors to all your guests. The item will make them feel really proud and a part of a very spectacular party. And would remind them of the wonderful time they had. As the last word, if you are looking for some singular centerpiece. Then you can let us know and we will fulfill your needs.


Candles are an elegant choice to light the party area. Once it is being decided that candles must be used as a source of lighting. Then the next thing we, the best birthday decoration planner in Kolkata recommend is that you follow the safety measures. To employ safety measures, we will ensure that candles are covered with glass covers. So that the party area is secured. Note, Do Not Forget To Keep The Fire Extinguishers Handy.

Apart from using candles to illuminate the birthday party area, we suggest you use it as party favors. At the end of the party, you can hand over a candle to your guests. Which is excellently wrapped in a gift paper with a red bow around. It is a unique idea to hand out different kinds of candles to your guests as party favors. Birthday Decoration Planner will just bring about a very nice feeling among all.

Ceiling dangles

Another decorating item we, the celebrated birthday decoration planner in Kolkata. Will add is the ceiling dangle, which is a perfect addition to a party. Birthday parties to graduation parties, ceiling dangles or ceiling danglers They add a great deal of excitement to any room. For the most part, ceiling dangles have been around for many years. But people are just starting to use them for a variety of personal parties. As most people know, this small addition adds a lot to a party’s décor.

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As a matter of fact, organizing and decorating a party is hard to crack. That all require a sincere effort to be made. Birthday Decoration Planner. At the crossroads, a run of the mill person is very likely to give up. Considering the same, hiring a professional birthday decoration planner such as we at Birthday World, is an idea worth considering! We plan everything ranging from selecting and decorating a venue, birthday fun games, catering, to return gifts, etc. So be sure to get in touch with us at Birthday World, the leading birthday decoration planner Kolkata. At [email protected] or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. So Happy Party Plans, decorations, and Have Lots of Fun!

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