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At Birthday World, the top Birthday Organiser in Kolkata, are committed to offering you relevant and appropriate type of service and support depending on your preferences and demand. Being the event planner mavens for more than ten years, we have a very good understanding of how difficult it is to bring happiness to the lips of kids. In the meantime, we know how difficult it is to make an event a full success. Considering the same, as the experienced birthday organiser Kolkata, we play a seminal role as professionals in coordinating the birthday party of a child. With a view to removing soreness from the child’s mind completely, we use analytical and inventive skills to meet the needs and goals of every client.

You need not go anywhere else—all you need to do is consult our customer-friendly birthday organiser professionals in Kolkata. We will make your event a gigantic fun and memorable experience for a lifetime. At Birthday World, we consistently use groundbreaking methods and technologies to give a wonderful and the desired effect to a party’s eve. Although there would be all the basic few things in your mind regarding how to organise a birthday party, yet we will help you completely from start to finish of the party. Also, we use second-to-none material to make your birthday event more arresting and catering to the demand of all professionals without making any mistakes.

Birthday Organiser
Birthday Organiser

Different birthday instances we can help you– Birthday Organiser

When it is a child’s birthday, particularly moms are concerned with a lot of things like fun activities, cleanliness, budget, seating, decoration, music, etc. It becomes a mess in their minds and ends up arranging something at the last moment. Book a party hall or organize a party at home… Confused!!! Here are a handful of key things we at Birthday World, the well-famed birthday organiser in Kolkata, will help you to deal with them all most favorably


The biggest myth that arranging a house party will cost less than booking a party hall has always been there. If you want a party which costs less, then we at Birthday Organiser Kolkata always suggest you opt for a party hall or a restaurant or a fast-food joint. The reason is very simple. Moreover, The arrangements at their place are according to attending guests whereas the complete arrangements have to be made from scratch at home. Almost everything has to be arranged like chairs and tables, buffet area, decoration, dustbins, carpets, waiters, cooks, crockery, lights, music, napkins, cleaners and a lot more…Fret not at all! We, the distinguished Birthday Organiser, will deal with all these chores for you efficiently and successfully.

Seating arrangement

It does not matter how big/ small your house is…there cannot be sufficient seating space for more than 20 people; it’s a house after all. So if you are planning to throw a party for 60-100 persons, additional chairs and tables with covers have to be arranged. Then comes the issue with flooring, tables which are ordered from a tent-wala are not good enough for marble or tiled floor. So, a carpet is a must to avoid scratches and dents. Do not worry, we will be responsible for all the same.


Home-cooked snacks and food is a delight for a party. You can prepare some healthy snacks for kids and their favorite food which they will surely love. If there is a lot to cook on your own, then we the predominant birthday organiser Kolkata will arrange a cook. But not just only cooks are required but the whole list of things from a grocery store will also need to be purchased on your own along. These include veggies, milk, curd, juices, napkins, paper glasses, and whatnot. And that’s not all…The buffet table area has to be identified where guests can help themselves but ensure that the buffet area is covered from the top. Again, we will come into play for you in this regard.


Simple balloon decoration with an entrance arch is enough for a house party unless you are having and outdoor lawn décor. If you are spending a big amount on theme décor then we at Birthday World. The well-established birthday organiser Kolkata will book a party hall else you are going to waste your money. Theme décor is not only about your child’s favorite character or style that you are looking for. Besides, it should also create the ambiance of the theme. It is most unlikely that the theme you choose and the curtains you have match your sofa or the chandelier. However, To cover up all this to an extent is possible but then taping and nailing will damage a lot of things.

Our personal preferences

We at Birthday World, the leading birthday organiser Kolkata, guess that the confusion is still not over. In any case, our personal preference is to coordinate the birthday in a Party hall than a House party. This is because arranging a house party can be the most tiring and cleaning it up post-party can be even more frustrating. So, it is wise to book a hall and pay that extra amount to a local organizer than spending it on a house party which can give you a headache.


Under the brand Birthday World, the up-and-coming Birthday Organiser in Kolkata, we are at the cutting edge of giving support to our dear clients in making the big day an unforgettable event. We are a team of conscientious people who are committed to making the entire event positive for every person. We are a celebrated Birthday organiser in Kolkata, where you can readily get and enjoy our services. Our services are readily reasonably priced for all.

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In this day and age where several options are taken into consideration for making a party cheerful for a lifetime. We will arrange all the things with perfection and timeliness. However. Our client’s satisfaction matters to us a lot. Besides, we are feeling thankful to serve them on their big day. In addition, Be sure to get in touch with us at or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. Make your child’s birthday more than a special day.

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