Birthday Organisers in Kolkata

At Birthday World, we can organise your birthday sumptuously and memorably

At Birthday World, we have won spurs as the leading professional birthday organisers in Kolkata. For more than ten years, we have been offering complete event planning services for birthdays of all age groups. So whether it is the birthday of a kid or a grownup adult, our team of full-fledged birthday organisers in Kolkata will first take a look at the birthday requirements. Therefore, we will offer sumptuous birthday ideas to fit your needs and budget.  No matter whether your birthday party is small or big, we will tackle all types of party works within your means.

As you give us the opportunity to organise your birthday party, you can easily revel in your memorable moments, surprise your guests and more. We will do our best to make your birthday party bash in the town. We, the overriding birthday organisers in Kolkata, have made many parents happy and let them feel elated. However, with our birthday party decorations for more than 10 years.

We can include a variety of activities

We have the privilege of organizing birthday parties of people from all walks of life. If the child’s first birthday is having a theme, the first birthday invitations should adhere to it. In every way, we the preeminent birthday organisers in Kolkata, are of the viewpoint that first birthdays must be a fun and unforgettable event. For parents, it should be a template for their child’s succeeding birthday parties. That is why, on the first birthday of a boy/girl, we include special activities and themes such as magic shows, clowns, costumes, superheroes or favourite movie characters not for the little baby but for the little older guests who have come to the party.

We at Birthday World, the fast thriving birthday organisers in Kolkata, ensure that every fun element of the party is added to the first birthday invitations. We can find the invitation that will best suit the celebrant.

Birthday organisers in Kolkata
Birthday organisers in Kolkata

We will arrange inexpensive greeting card software programs

Who can resist hand-made birthday invitations? One does not need to be an artist to make something catchy. Using common art materials such as special papers, colored pens, and even personal photographs add meaning to invitations. Or else, we the well-famed birthday organisers in Kolkata will arrange a good number of inexpensive greeting card software programs that are just the ticket for birthday invitations. We can offer many different typefaces, templates and clip art to allow for creativity and personalization. Those who neither have the time nor the inclination to make their child’s birthday card can turn to packaged invitations that have blank spaces for the party details to be filled in by the planners.

Special request for guests

As a legendary birthday organiser in Kolkata, we guess that it is a good idea to ask your guests to confirm their attendance and also bring their favorite baby-friendly food recipes. Not only will guests be treated to the food of their own choice, but the celebrant baby will also get the opportunity to try all the different recipes. Parents and organizers can also ask us for guests’ pictures. These pictures can be used as leaves in a decorative birthday tree that can be the centerpiece of the party table.

Besides, the First birthday invitations should be as special as the celebration itself. The party marks the first year of the newest addition to the family and heralds many “firsts” during the year. Therefore, The invitations should be able to convey the importance of the event and highlight the special emotions that go with it.


Definitely, we will add the best fun to your baby’s first birthday party. Kids mostly love fun-shaped food, so we at Birthday World, the premier birthday organisers in Kolkata, make sure to use cookie cutters on anything ranging from sandwiches to biscuits or even pizzas.

In general, a one-year-old baby does not have a complete set of teeth. Therefore, so we suggest including softer food items like mango pulp, banana, pomegranate, ice creams, etc.  that they can readily chew.

The cake

However, The center of every birthday party doubtlessly is the cake. And because this is the first birthday of your child, we, the premier birthday organisers in Kolkata, ensure to bring the finest first birthday cake that you will remember forever.

Games and crafts

A 1-year-old baby lacks the attention knack or skill to partake in games. That is why we, the creative birthday organisers in Kolkata, already keep such activities to a minimum at your baby’s birthday party. Yet fret not about organizing anything, unless you are sure that a handful of older children will be arriving to grace the event.


According to us, the inventive birthday organisers in Kolkata, we suggest you either to organise the baby’s first birthday party in your house or at your kith and kins’, as that will be a recognizable and comfy setting. On the other hand, if your baby was born during summers, organizing the event in a party is truly a recommendable option.

Besides, the idea to invite a few little guests to the party along with miscellaneous food items and have a little picnic is worth considering. Therefore, Little cuties playing with outdoor toys, rolling around in the grass and swinging will certainly be a vista.


Naturally, a one-year-old, with no good intelligence at all, is not going to sing the praise of the fancy dress he/she has worn, but he/she will doubtlessly look cute to everyone around!

So if you want to include a fancy dress theme for your 1-year-old baby. However, we, the inventive birthday organisers in Kolkata, recommend you to buy a variety of costumes for babies, for example, animals, birds, cartoon characters, comical characters, etc. Besides, Depending on your preferences, you can dress him/her up a specific costume. However, if you are conscious of the budget and do not want to play with it or if you are not very keen on a fancy dress, a few appealing party hats will meet the need.

Hire us now

Be sure to get in touch with us at Birthday World, the leading birthday organisers in Kolkata, at or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. In fact, we will leave no stone unturned to make your child’s first birthday a unique success!

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