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We often imagine that a birthday party is just a children’s story and that adulthood is no longer worth celebrating the change of years. In many cases, adults organize birthday parties only to celebrate round years: thirties and fifties are particularly popular milestones. Besides, we are the best birthday party planner in Kolkata. However, it is always a good reason to celebrate! What better reason to put a party up than to remember the past year and turn a new page forward in life?

Adult birthdays do not differ very much from the children’s party in the end games – the elements are the same, but they are only arranged to suit the older taste. So remember to take a look at the best tips we offer at Birthday World, the leading birthday party planner in Kolkata, for organizing children’s parties and adults’ birthday parties. Moreover, We are not new to the milieu of planning events similar to birthdays, weddings, social and/or corporate events but in fact, we have been around for over a decade. We play a pivotal role in planning and coordinating birthday events for our little guests and both adults. Moreover, We are mostly singled out by a maximum number of people living in different parts of Kolkata. This is because our birthday planning services are of exceptionally high quality and worth remembering for a lifetime.

Birthday Menu Offers

Conventional birthdays often consist of good food, delicious drinks, and a comfortable stay. We the most cherished birthday party planner in Kolkata can help you enjoy traditional celebrations. We include a few little things to organize an unforgettable birthday party with a variety of exclusive delicacies. Whatever your choice is, we will present a menu and leave on you what delicacies you would like to order from our caterers. Finally, whatever your preferences about delicacies are, it is guaranteed that they all will suit everyone’s taste!

Birthday offers often depend largely on the nature, time, and the number of guests. In the case of casual nightclubs at home, serving as a snack, for example, with cheese slices. We the most cherished birthday party planner in Kolkata can arrange a bunch of delicious cheeses and a variety of savory biscuits, nuts, and fruit for an attractive setting on the serving table. Tapas are another good way to make a meal so that everyone can grab the food they want in the evening. If you want something modern and different for your party, we encourage you to choose trendy sushi as a very scrumptious dish.

If you are sure that money is not a point of concern for you, it is more feasible for us to organize a wonderful birthday dinner for you. For example, we the most cherished birthday party planner in Kolkata can offer a three-course dinner with drinks that suit your taste. For a larger group, buffet-style dining will be just the ticket. Good birthday buffets include, for example, pappus bean salad and oriental lollipop. On the whole, we make sure that you find the right food for everyone.

More addon’s on Menu

Birthdays are traditionally served as a cake for the birthday guy/gal. You can choose from a traditional cream cake, the most modern cheesecake or a fun ice cream cake. Cupcakes are now a popular way to completely replace a cake if you want to provide your guests with a little different dessert. Coffee-based dessert tricks, such as Irish coffee, are also great for churning a dessert and the ultimate birthday party planner in Kolkata will cater to the need for you.

Sometimes we want to start a birthday party in the morning, for example, with a smaller group or with one’s own family. In this case, a good way to celebrate is breakfast or brunch with friends and loved ones. The common breakfast is also great for partying the next morning when guests cram on their caves to eat and repeat the epic birthday parties of the previous evening.

Birthday Party planner Kolkata
Birthday Party planner Kolkata

Live Entertainment

When it comes to kids parties, doubtlessly you must be in need of entertainment that is visual, well-defined, and all the way funny. You may perhaps not appreciate someone who cracks the same old “jokes” the kids do not rejoin in. Children, by nature, tend to love situational humor, where fanatical things happen and everyone can rejoice in the fun. Moreover, To add extra pleasure and frolic to your birthday party, we at birthday party planner in Kolkata will arrange:

  • A Magic Show which would be so much fun, amazing and hilarious too!!!
  • A Puppet Show where puppets come alive and talk!!!
  • Your favorite Mascot (Clown, Mickey Mouse, Doraemon, etc.)

Return Gifts

A return gift is a cardinal aspect of every birthday party. The items are typically dished out in mutual to render thanks to the little guests for presenting them in the party. Henceforth, These special gifts utter the children with great enthusiasm and by long odds; it is the most cherished moment of the party. Return gifts, apart from being fun, but should also be informative or friendly to nature. Besides, We, the most treasured birthday party planner in Kolkata will recommend return gifts for all age groups irrespective of what your budget is. Rather, You may start with simple ones such as decorated pencils, story books to activity toys and battery operated toys.

To help you in making your gifts selection as different as possible, we recommend you to choose:

  • Eco-friendly timber toys
  • Pots with authentic plants which kids will be keen on to look after
  • Encyclopedias
  • Homemade chocolates
  • Theme-based delicacies

Hire us now!

We are ready to organize and execute your birthday event based on your requirements about a theme, type, and budget. So what is the wait for? Hire us at Birthday World, a legendary birthday party planner in Kolkata, by touching base with us at [email protected] Also, call us at +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921 and make your event just an unforgettable one!

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