Birthday World—The In-demand Birthday Planner in Kolkata
Birthday Planner Kolkata

Birthday World—The In-demand Birthday Planner in Kolkata

Birthday Planner

Birthday World is the name of a versatile and predominant birthday planner located in Kolkata. Our company has been gaining ground for planning and executing the best birthday parties for more than 10 years. Besides, excellence in our services has led us to become an apple of the eye of most customers in and around Kolkata. Furthermore, We are reputed for planning birthday parties that are matchlessly smooth and fun. We are professional birthday planner Kolkata and keep all-inclusive things in our consideration. Therefore, the ultimate result is that parties certainly become a smasher! We furnish each and every item which is a must for your birthday like decoration, cake, catering, flower arrangement, guest reception, etc. In the meantime, we, the renowned birthday planner Kolkata, make our best effort to make the party as memorable as possible through quality and catchy decorations.

Moreover, We are committed to planning and carrying out a birthday bash by catering to inclusive birthday needs under one roof. In Addition, We have various trendiest catchy themes, games, and other entertainment sources that will make your birthday party appear unique and more exciting. Besides, We urge you to leave all your concerns related to the next birthday party on us, just feel relax and focus on your regular work. After all, we at Birthday World, the recognized Birthday Planner Kolkata Company are responsible for catering to each and everything from start to finish! In precise words, we will cater to every service such as catering, lighting, orchestra, decorations, etc. As we, the versatile birthday planner Kolkata, take up the responsibility of everything about your birthday party. Although, it will cost you an affordable amount of money yet, certainly, your valuable time is saved.

Event Planning

We at Birthday World, the leading birthday planner Kolkata, help you plan your birthday party letting you off the hook! While you chill down or focus on your chores, we at Birthday World will plan an all the way cool birthday party, with a combination of unlimited enthusiasm and fun. We the famed birthday planner Kolkata feel confident about making the event as grand and appealing as possible. In the meantime, we are sure to leave your guests with a feeling of awe! So just feel at ease all the way because we will do all the magic for you!

By long odds, a number of birthday planning companies are turning up on a regular basis but at Birthday World, a top birthday planner Kolkata company, we are different. Our event planners not only plan and execute the events but also play a stellar role in brand building, marketing and communication approach. At the same time, we render our customers with an additional feeling that someone is taking care of their matter sincerely not only on a professional basis but also on a personal basis.

Birthday Themes

At Birthday World, the leading birthday planner Kolkata Company, we have a variety of multicolored themes that we can put into effect depending on your preferences and needs. Our themes are sure to give a professional appearance to the birthdays organized in indoor settings without burning a hole in your pocket. Therefore, We furnish you with world-class birthday materials, invitations, dinner service and decorations of your preferred designs to breathe a new life into your party. Moreover, A thematic party decor will have a need for cut-outs, tunes, musical groups, game stalls, clown shows, stick walkers, thorough and attractive venue decor, scrumptious dinner, etc. to ensure pleasant evenings for all.

Balloon Decorations

At Birthday World, the distinguished birthday planner Kolkata Company, we take delight and excel in balloon decoration for our clients. We ensure superb balloon decoration for your big day event. Embellish and celebrate with a balloon as the World does! We are also reputed for making a perfect balloon decoration at your venue.  Besides, Based on your preferences and needs, you can choose from different categories such as Normal Lattice Balloon, Helium Gas Balloon, Printed Balloons, etc.

Games and Shows

At Birthday World, we are the most sought-after birthday planner Kolkata Company and have built a reputation for organizing the best games and shows to make your birthday event a stunning success. In fact, We arrange Magic shows and great fun games and other fun programs to let your children and their friends enjoy the party. After all, This adds fun to the birthday party and makes the day truly memorable for the birthday child and his / her friends.

  • Magic show
  • Hair Breeding
  • Juggler show
  • Stick walker
  • Charlie Chaplin Show     
  • Clown show      
  • Puppet show    
  • Game Stalls       
  • Mimicry
  • Tattoos and portraits     
  • Balloon Hats      
  • Performances
  • Jumping jack     
  • Firestunt
  • Popcorn unlimited          
  • Mehndi Maker
  • Laugher artist   
  • Ventriloquism
  • Mascots

Moreover, the aforesaid programs are really incredible fun and you will enjoy participating in as well as witnessing them. Apart from this, this kind of game on the list of activities to be organized on the occasion of your child’s party is best if you have lots of time. However, you have a short time period in your hand, then make sure to cut time on these activities so that you do not need to compromise with other activities later.

Hire us now!

Come celebrate your birthday party with us at Birthday World, the most cherished birthday planner Kolkata Company. In fact, make it one you are not about to forget. Furthermore, With our great scrumptious food, our upside down rodeo clowns, awesome DJ, one of a kind decoration, and crazy stuff, you are bound to have the time of your life!

Above all, We offer great party menus and packages including family-style dinners, open bars & bottle service. Moreover, we always have awesome ongoing deals that you can check out on our upcoming events section. Besides, We are committed to making everyone’s experience a special one, so hire us without a second thought. As a result, Birthday Planner is one of the best birthday planners in India.

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