Party Event Planners Kolkata

We have won spurs as the most prominent party event planners Kolkata company

Birthday World is a well-thought-of birthday party event planners Kolkata-based company. We have made a track record of excellence in the industry with its unrivalled party event planning services. Whether you want to get a party organized at home or outdoors, we come in handy for our clients by organizing and carrying out the event for them very well. So all you need to do is just call us, cast your worries aside all the way and revel in the party fun to the fullest! After all, we at Birthday World, are the most efficient and predominant birthday party event planners Kolkata. We are committed to taking care of everything related to birthday planning.


At Birthday World, the astute party event planners Kolkata, whenever we plan a birthday party or any other gala celebration, we decorate it with variegated balloons! After all, balloons are to make any party special. If you want to recognize the party boy or girl with a huge bouquet of birthday balloons or designate places with balloons (on which you have printed the names of your guests), balloons are again the greatest thing ever. 

Party Event Planners Kolkata
Party event Planners Kolkata

We add variegated balloons

With the simple use of mounds of pink and white balloons, we, the well-recognized party event planners Kolkata, can create a fairy princess hideaway fit for a queen and her court. Brown and green balloons filling an empty room can create a treasure hunt worthy of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest. Balloons are somehow magical and create a very special party environment. They are inflated with air or helium. They carry sentiments of love, party theme caricatures, humorous sentiments, or personalized. However, they can be decorative or even be a gift. Balloons can even allow you to reach new heights in the open air. 

What special can do for you regarding balloons?

Consider blowing up balloons, saturating cotton cording or ribbon in a water and white glue mix and wrapping the balloon. We can sprinkle the wet cording with glitter for an added sparkle. Hang the balloon and allow the ribbon to dry. Then, poke the balloon with a pin, and fish out the broken balloon. Feed strings of clear or colored mini lights through the stiffened ribbon or cord, thread the end through the top, hang and plugin. This provides decorative lighting that you can tailor-make to fit with your party theme.

Hot air balloon ride

You might consider a birthday party hot air balloon ride. We can offer them, and many enjoy seeing the world below them while feeling the wind in their hair. However, if that is not possible for you, we can still use a wide range of balloons in your parties in a multitude of ways, from crafting piņatas to creating crafty lighting for your party.

We have a variety of party supplies

The idea of discounted party supplies is truly out of this world and that will doubtlessly appeal to you. This is because we at Birthday World, the well-renowned party event planners Kolkata, carry a variety of trendiest and appealing party supplies that will impress you readily. Compared to other party event planners Kolkata, we offer better discounts on the different party products. In this way, you can easily buy the supplies and make the party an awesome event.

Get discounted party supplies from Birthday World

At Birthday World, we offer discounted party supplies to you depending on your needs and preferences. We offer different party items that you can look forward to adding to your party according to the theme. With us, the notable party event planners Kolkata, there is no hassle to look for party supplies. We have specially discounted party supplies to make the party a success and an event to remember.

With us regarding party supplies, you are in safe hands

Some people say that discounted party supplies are of not good quality but it is something that you should not put your ears to. This is because if you are buying it from us the premier party event planners Kolkata, then you are in safe hands. However, if you are going to buy it from some other websites on the Internet, then you can ask them for assurance or guarantees.

Why Birthday World?

At Birthday World, we first take your needs and preferences into account and accordingly offer you services and supplies. No matter what your party goals and visions are, we are always ready to turn them into a reality. This is feasible with our world-class decoration, planning and organizing services that are absolutely out of this world. Therefore, if you furnish us with the opportunity to plan a birthday for you, then there will be wow for us on your lips. Also, we readily understand that a birthday event can entail massive expenses in terms of organizing your function. Do not worry at all; we will do our best to adjust each and everything within your budget. We, the predominant party event planners Kolkata, also guarantee you that we will carry out everything within a limited frame of time.

Hire us for your birthday without a second thought now!

Believe it or not, organizing and executing a birthday party is not a breeze. It requires a heightened level of effort put in. At this critical point, a run of the mill person will simply give up. That is why hiring a professional birthday organizer and decorator is an idea worth considering! We plan everything ranging from choosing and decorating a venue, birthday fun games, catering, to return gifts, etc.

At Birthday World, we are the finest party event planners Kolkata and can make a difference at the birthday party for sure. Besides, We can arrange for everything! All you have to do is enjoy and have fun!

So be sure to get in touch with us at Birthday World, the leading party event planners Kolkata, at or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921 and we will run the extra mile to make your child’s birthday a golden success.

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