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We are the best party planner in Kolkata with a reputation for planning the most memorable birthday parties

At Birthday World, we are the most prominent party planner company in Kolkata. We have a very strong experience in planning birthday parties of all ages and groups very well. Besides, we have a mastery of planning birthday parties, we typically contacted by most people in and near Kolkata. One very solid reason for hiring our service is that our packages are very low in cost and available to the hilt. Also, the variety of birthday packages we offer are in accordance with our customers’ choice and budget. So whether it is the birthday of a child or an adult. Therefore, we are committed to making it a full success from start to finish. So every time you hire us for planning your birthday party, you can look forward to experiencing a new sensation of fun and excitement at really a very affordable cost.

We have the best party favors

As we know the trend of Party Favors started in Italy during the eighth century. It was at first a trend that rolled out among the nobles and then got shaped up as a custom and trickled down as a trend among the commons. However, It is also being documented that during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the couples who got married used to give their guests a knot as a Party Favor to their guests. Therefore, This trend is now to different cultures and countries and is widely accepted globally.

Party Favors is a wonderful way to say thank you to your guests. How did you feel when you get Party Favors from a party that you attended? The answer to this question would be that you really liked it and got very excited. This is how it is going to have an impression on the guests who will get the party favors from you. There are a lot of ideas that we at Birthday World, the well-eminent party planner in Kolkata can offer you according to the different party themes. The most important thing that you need to take into account is that you should ensure the budget for Party Favors according to the guests you are inviting. We have party favors ideas for different budgets.

We at Birthday World, the well-eminent party planner in Kolkata, will suggest you the best Party Favors that you can hand out to your guests. Basically, these party favors will be neither too cheap nor expensive and for that reason, you can get the right Party Favors for your guests.

Party Planner
party planner

We get temporary tattoos engraved anywhere you want!

Very popular among teens and young adults everywhere, temporary tattoos are in high demand, and a great activity for everyone when it is time to party! Since all the teens are getting tattoos, it is great fun for younger teens or kids to get temporary tattoos. Moreover, These tattoos can made from henna-based dyes or non-toxic vegetable dyes. They normally last from one to seven days. They are easily removable with baby oil or alcohol. We at Birthday World, the premier party planner in Kolkata, can help you fulfill this need very easily and affordably. The highlight of our tattoo engraving service is that we consider only FDA-approved temporary tattoos. In this way, you can feel sure to get quality temporary tattoos that are safe and nontoxic.

Temporary tattoos combine the fun of tattooing with the freedom of total reversibility. They preprint on sheets that can set with adhesives applied individually. We can even make custom designs available, so you could personalize temporary tattoos specifically to commemorate your celebration.

Another option for temporary tattoos is that they last a little longer (up to two weeks). This usually costs a little more, but the tattoos will be individualized and, depending on the artist, done to various specifications. Whatever you decide, your temporary tattoos can be a great party activity that guests can take home with them when they leave the party.

We are just the right party planner in Kolkata

Definitely, on the birthday of your loving son or daughter, you would be excited to throw a birthday bash. You will want to include a variety of decorations, props, great atmosphere, attires and other party essentials for your birthday party. If this is the case, then you need not look further than Birthday World, the best party planner in Kolkata, that organize birthday party events with full decoration and dedication. Possessing huge industrial experience and knowledge, our team is dedicated to offering a quality-oriented and the Best Party Planning service to you.

We also help you choose a perfect birthday party venue

If you want to your birthday party organized in an outdoor venue, we, the legendary party planner in Kolkata, can help you in choosing a venue for your event. We give full attention to ensure that the party venue will be in accordance with your preferences and needs. A perfect location for your birthday or wedding could be a spacious garden, a grand hall, a hotel, or a traditional palace, etc. And we assure you that the venue we choose will also fit your budget.

Hire party planner now!

We at Birthday World, the finest birthday party planner in Kolkata, dedicated to making a fun and delightful birthday party either you or your child! So as you hire us. However, you can cross your fingers to grab the finest birthday deals of your life. So contact us at Birthday World, the leading party planner in Kolkata, at [email protected] or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. See for yourself how our event planning works wonders for you. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Partying!

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