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Unique Games & Activities Ideas for Birthday Party & Events In Kolkata

Are you planning a birthday party or any celebration for your loved ones? If you answer is yes than we at Birthday World team will be happy to help you in planning everything whatever you need. Being birthday planner in Kolkata, we suggest you to add some stall games for birthday party in Kolkata or for any occasion. Therefore, hire fun games and activities for birthday party that makes surroundings cheerful. Most importantly, Book fun games from Birthday World at very low cost in town because we are top stall games provider In Kolkata.

Birthday Party Games

Prize Pop

Prior to exploding inflatables, place a little bit of paper named with a number inside every one. Have the kids pop their inflatable by whatever implies they can (sit on it, press it, and so forth.). The number inside each inflatable will compare to a little prize.

Melodic Islands

In a wind on Musical Chairs, players stroll around “islands” made of paper while music plays. At the point when the tune stops, every player scrambles to jump on an island (a few players may have the option to fit on one). Any individual who can’t put the two feet on the paper is out.

Scaffold Builders

Gap kids into gatherings and give them each an equivalent number of building squares or Legos. Advise the groups they have to assemble a scaffold sufficiently able to hold an egg (or an elastic ball, in case you’re not bold). At the point when times up, they quit building and you’ll test the structures.

Bounce the River

Set two bits of rope on the ground to make a “stream.” Begin with the two pieces near one another and have the youngsters hop over. After each intersection, the waterway gets more extensive. In the event that a kid falls into the waterway, he’s out. To make the game diversion for more established kids, include difficulties like bouncing one leg or jumping across with their eyes shut.

Apples and Oranges

Structure the children into a circle. The gathering will pass an apple around the hover to one side while passing an orange to one side simultaneously. In any case, the youngsters can’t utilize their hands to pass the natural product; rather they should utilize their elbows, feet, jaw, and so forth to keep it moving.

In the event that they drop the natural product, they should shut their eyes to continue playing. The game proceeds until just a single individual is left with their eyes open.

Customize It!

Tweak great games to accommodate your gathering subject. ‘Simon says’ turns into an illustrious game when you supplant Simon with Princess and let the young lady in control wear a crown. Trade the potato in Hot Potato for an effective article, similar to a toy vehicle for an auto-themed fete.

 Attempt these to keep the gathering fun and engaging. Allow the enjoyable to start! 

Get Lists Of Birthday Celebration Games And Activities For Kids


Hammer Game


Air Hockey


FoosBall Table


Balloon Shooting


Basket Ball Game


Break The Pyramid


Bubble Game


Bubble Machine


Bunjy Jumping


Candy Floss


Car Race


Chocolate Fountain




Dart Game


Jungle Bouncy


Small Bouncy


Rocket Bouncy


Castle Bouncy


2 in 1 Bouncy


Slide Bouncy


Drop The Dope


Gaint Wheel




Meltdown Game


Merry Go Found


Pool Table


Pottery Wheel


Ring The Bottle


Snakes & Ladder


Wax Hand


Water Pool Tub


Water Zorbing


Bow & Arrow


Tic Tack Toe


Spin a Toy


Magic Mirror


Dart Football


Angry Bird


Table Tennis


Bucket Game


Bowling Game


Mini Golf


Balloon Shooting


3 Idiot Chair


Train Ride


Roulette Game




Jenga Game


Kid Zone


Popcorn Maker




Ball Pool


Funny Mirror


Dancing Pad


Don’t Buzz The Wire


Art & Craft


Sumo Fight

Ball The Joker


Feed The Character


Zorbing Ball


Puppet Show


Lucky 13

Some Of Classic Party Games For Birthday Party & Events

Is your kid’s birthday coming up? Rely on these great games for birthday party to keep the gathering jumping. Also, Utilize the directions as a guide or modify them to accommodate your gathering’s subject. Also, Fun games that will keep your family dynamic and engaged, start now. For progressively fun games for birthday party in Kolkata, look at our Birthday Party Planner to modify the ideal festival for your little one!

A game of seat juggling

Line up a line of seats consecutive. You should have one less seat than the quantity of children playing. Therefore, Turn up the tunes and have the children walk clockwise around the seats. So, At the point when the music stops everybody must sit down; one youngster will be left standing. Keep on playing until just a single kid is left.

Nail the Tail to the Donkey

Hang up an image of a jackass without a tail. Line the children up a couple of feet away and give every one a tail (compose their names on the tails or make every one an alternate shading). Blindfold the main kid and gradually turn him around multiple times. Point him toward the banner to tape on his tail. After every youngster has had a turn, see which tail is the nearest to where it ought to be.

Apples and Oranges

Structure the children into a circle. The gathering will pass an apple around the hover to one side while passing an orange to one side simultaneously. Therefore, be that as it may, the youngsters can’t utilize their hands to pass the natural product; rather they should utilize their elbows, feet, jaw, and so forth to keep it moving.

Simon Says

Pick one youngster to be the pioneer and have her substitute front of the remainder of the gathering. The pioneer yells out orders like, “Simon says, ‘wave your correct hand’ or ‘twist your left knee'”. The gathering must copy her moves yet just in the event that she says, “Simon says” first, else they’re out. Lastly, The last one standing dominates the match.

Bean Bag Toss

Lay a hula-band on the ground, or, as we recommended, a lion’s head drawn onto a bit of cardboard with the mouth cut out. Line the children up a couple of feet away. Every kid takes a transform throwing three beanbags into the lion’s mouth. Push the beginning line back a couple of feet each round, to make it additionally testing.

Think about How Many

Fill a container with bright treats or toys, similar to jam beans or fun balls. At that point have every youngster record what number of they believe are in the container. The youngster with the speculation nearest to the genuine number is the champ.


Give every kid a bingo card and spot markers (attempt pennies). In case you’re utilizing numbers, gradually get out each number. On the off chance that the children have a match on their board, they place a penny on top. The principal kid to get a straight line up or down gets out “BINGO”. More established children can attempt to cover inclining lines as well.

Random data Questions

Consider fun inquiries identified with the gathering subject, for example, sports. On the off chance that it’s a huge gathering, split the children into groups and have them answer inquiries as a gathering. Keep a count to see which group has the most focuses toward the end.

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