Birthday Party Games

Enjoy the best birthday party games and various other entertaining activities with us

Children are fond of games and events and in this connection, no children can be left isolated unless and otherwise, the child is not in good health. They like to play anything, anywhere and with everyone they find. However, as far as children are concerned, they are not having any reservations. We are the best birthday party games, organizers

Nobody can disavow the fact that the umpteen numbers of activities performed by the parents during the present-daytime are full of appreciation. However, the concerning point is that most of the parents today are ultimately left with lesser time and energy to organize a memorable party for their children. Of course, nowadays, in order to help those parents who are finding it very difficult to host any party, many party organizers are providing various sorts of party ideas. And we at Birthday World, we run the extra mile to make both parents and the birthday kid feels happy.

We are happily making the services of entertainers (of different types) who can entertain the children up to any age with fun, thrill, music, songs, games, and events. In fact, these entertainers are well trained and are able to handle any type of situation. Also, they can be trusted on account of the fact that they are fully insured having appropriate certificates and licenses.

Birthday Party games
Birthday Party games

Different birthday party games we can offer

Apart from a delicious cake and other birthday arrangements, we at Birthday World can include a variety of brisk and cheerful birthday party games. And we are hopeful that our games will make the birthday more memorable filled with utmost fun and ecstasy.

A range of birthday party games can be a perfect addition to any party. Each and every kid who attends birthday parties commonly look forward to having a truckload of fun playing great fun birthday party games and other activities. Therefore games and party activities such as, “sport water games,” “magic tricks,” and, “scavenger hunts,” are the perfect birthday party games for various ages and parties. Moreover, a variety of party games and fun activities will make any party appear largely enjoyable. Birthday party games, for example, card games, board games, and other activities will keep any party hopping and the guests feel delighted. When birthday party entertainers are available on the cards, we at Birthday World will leave no stone unturned to make the children feel thrilled and entertained.

We have a variety of amazing birthday games like parachute games, different kinds of magic tricks, passing the parcels, hide and seek games, traditional party games, themed music and many more. With these entertaining activities, your kid will feel enthused and entertained. It is no wonder that the entire hours spent entertaining activities including amazing birthday games will be quite interesting, enchanting and thrilling for everyone at the party. Our entertaining activities will enthrall them to the fullest.

We fill up the gap of entertainment very well

Nothing can be found more entertaining and enchanting than any event which enthralls the children to the core. Of course, among any group of people, there can be rarely one or two girls or boys who have the inclination and desire to have the party more colorful and cheerful. And normally such kinds of persons are rarely found. This gap can be filled up and the parties can be made more fun and joyful if our birthday party games are utilized.

Choosing the most appropriate indoor game is a task that the host faces. The activity should correspond to the party theme, the age of most people and their preferences. Choosing party games is fun and easy, as long as you know the individuals who will be attending.


Pictionary is one of the best birthday party games that will appeal to most people. It is appropriate for younger gatherings, as well as for people who are unfamiliar with one other. Pictionary ranks among the classical party games that have turned into all-time favorites for thousands of people.

To play Pictionary, you will have to divide the guests into teams. A member of the team gets a card that contains a word. In order to help other team members guess the word, the person will have to make drawings. These drawings used as hints and clues.

Name the Quote

To play that game, the host will have to do some preliminary research and preparation. Get cardboard cards. Write a famous movie, poem or song quote on the cardboard.

One person from the gathering will have to be the game host. The game host makes all others select one of the cards. The quote read out loud. The person who has picked it will have to guess the movie or song that the quote is taken from.

This game will be successful if you manage to choose quotes that the majority of guests are familiar with. Something that is too tricky or difficult to guess will only annoy the participants in the game.

Hire us for planning your birthday party now

We at Birthday World, are regarded as most singled out birthday planner in Kolkata. We plan birthday parties all the way in including all types of decorations and birthday party games for kids. In every way, our organized parties will be extra fun, and enjoyable to an extent that can keep children engaged. With that said, we also add a range of first-rate birthday party supplies, entertainers. And just everything that can make a birthday event looks phenomenal. However, We make sure that your child’s party will be an immaculate success. It will be discussed for years to come in the future.

So if you are planning to throw a birthday event for your child or darling. And want it to get organized very well in a professional way then you should feel free to get in touch with us at or +91-9999990921 / +91-8800690921. We are sure to make your next birthday party just a memorable one!

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